Those Blue Eyes [A Louis Tomlinson fan fic]

I'm Jana, I'm hated by absolutely everyone. My mum died last year and my brother moved away to London, so I'm left with my dad. He abuses me, I can't stand him. It's no better at school, I'm a 'nerd' apparently. Even if I am the stupidest person in school. Just because I'm quiet and no one talks to me.

The only people I have are Maddie and Rydien. Recognise the names? Yeah, wolf blood. That rediculus TV Show about were-wolf things.

My dad directs it and he thought it was a good idea to steal all our names.

My life is pretty much hell.

My birthday, I can't wait. Maddie has got me tickets to a One Direction show, and a meet and greet! It's so exiting! One night for myself.

Lest hope I last that long.


3. Authors note

This book is in hold (Sooooo sorry) because I have so many books to write, like a doosh, and u want to focus on one. The book I will be continuing with is called Education.

Teresa's your typical everyday barbie. She's pretty and blonde, she is trying to get ride of her past am thinks she can do this by moving away.

She moves from America to England, to a new collage. It's strange that all the teachers are drop dead gorgeous and should all be models or pop stars.

But what happens when she starts falling for one teacher in particular? And also a very strange punky boy shows feelings as well? Will she carry on her barbie years? Or will she experience what it's like to be loved?

Maybe she will just shot her self? Eh? Na, that would be boring.

Anyways read! Because this book should say read on it...only it's not a's a digital device...ah whatever.

I will also be writing my book STYLES on WATTPAD. Thank you for being patient. Love yoooou. :) x -Bev

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