Never Enough

New girl who has a hard time in school, but when she meets a boy her luck with completely change, or will he be like all the other guys she dated? She is just trying to worry about school now but it will be nice for her to have a boyfriend, but she has a side romance that will soon blossom into something else.


1. Characters

 Lola Mercassi- Average teenager, she makes good grades, bad history with boy, she is a little popular, badass

 Jessi Keener- New Kid at school, Blonde hair blue eyes, He is popular, captain of the football team, He is kind of a player

 Regina Tess- She is Lola's bestfriend, She has a good boyfriend, makes good grades, she is on the cheer team, 

Joey Mercassi- This is Lola's older brother, graduated high school, he has a girlfriend

 Leslie Syren- She is a secret lesbian, this is Joey's girlfriend, she graduated high school,



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