Just some prompts & short stories.


1. Goodnight

I snuck through the door, like a little sneaky thief. Which, in fact, I was. However, no one was to know that me, the all-a student at albany academy, was a notorious thief that liked to sneak around. Dressed in a tight black shimmering suit (the shimmers reflected & shined light onto something other than myself), I slyly unlocked the triple-locked safe and gently probed around with my hand. I noticed a carefully placed alarm and avoided it. I was in a bank, alone at night except for a few guards that I had swiftly struck with a blow gun filled with darts that had a sleeping potion on the tip. In short, the guards were unconscious and I was alone. I observed my surroundings with ultimate precaution before resuming my clever ploy. I knew that everything I had done relied on this night. I was snatching a prized jewel from the hidden new york bank. This was the reason I had transferred from my home to here. I was staking my career as a thief on this one night. The jewel I was currently stealing had been prized for centuries. I was preparing to live the rest of my life in luxury when..... Everything went wrong I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but something went wrong. Now I was nimbly swinging on the three tiered chandelier belonging to the ceiling of the bank’s lobby. I was being hunted by a bionic assassin, and I had barely even gotten my hands on the jewel. Had the government even developed this technology? It was a wonder no one knew about this bank. It took me a whole year to find out about this place. My time was almost up. I had to get rid of this.... thing somehow. I used my weight to gently swing to a ledge in the corner of the ceiling. “whew,” I whispered under my breath. This was gonna be hard. I balanced on the ledge for a moment, pausing to catch my breath and get a silent drink of water. It was risky to take a drink, but it was worth it. I felt refreshed and ready to take the thing on. The robot assassin apparently senses all movement because I heard a gunshot next to where I placed my water bottle, where my hand had been a second ago. Oh no. It was in the room. I threw my water bottle at the robot and heard furious gunshots. I slinked away while watching my water bottle being pummeled to death. Well, guess that was my last drink. The robot continued firing at the water spreading across the ground. As soon as I left the room, I dug a hole out of the bank as fast as I could. I had to get out of there. That unknown thing was there and it was hunting me. I had never had anything like that. I was a 18 year old girl, not a martial arts fighter trained to defeat robots. I mean sure, I knew enough to get around as a thief, but that was mainly sneaking around being sly. Not fighting robots that have machine guns for hands and shoot anything that moves. I dug out and broke free of the ground to the crisp night air. “haaaaaa,” I breathed out. Now all I had to do was get out of this forest and I would be free with the jewel. I ran swiftly, rushing and dodging between the trees, knowing that I would be free soon. I felt adrenaline pumping through my blood, and I felt like I could almost fly through the trees, running at that speed. The forest ended abruptly and I decided to take a rest near the edge of the forest. My rush died down as I rested and I breathed deeply. Closing my eyes for a moment, I calmed down. I opened my eyes slowly. What I saw was not the bright, starry night sky, but the robotic menace staring me in the face. I felt something cold against my head and knew that it was the machine gun attached to the ‘arm’ of the robot. “Good night.” I heard in monotone. My last thought was how ironic it was as I fell, slumped against the tree, its bark stained.

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