One Year To Live

She was still so young and should've had a whole life ahead of her, but she doesn't. She has a year. One year to live.

Follow Madison Peters on her journey to find out what she will do, who she will meet, and finally, if she falls in love before death takes her.


1. prologue

"I'm sorry to tell you this, I know you're so young but you're body just seems to be slowly shutting down and there is nothing we can do to stop it. We have estimated and I think that you have just over a year possibly left. I'm so sorry Maddie, I wish there was something we could do but it's just one of those mystery illnesses isn't it..."

I didn't even take in most of what he said. I knew what was wrong with me. I knew before I even went to the doctors. I knew before they ran all those pointless tests. I knew it was never going to be cancer like they thought at first. I knew what was happening to my body, they just never listened to me.

I guess an introduction should be made.

I'm Madison Peters, and I have just over a year left before I die.

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