Raven ƹӝʒ

I'm on the run. But don't come looking for me, because I only bring destruction wherever I go. I'm like a timebomb, just waiting to explode and hurt you the most. So keep that in mind, if you choose to come looking. Because you might not get so lucky this time.
Lesson 101: If you catch a theif then they'll steal your heart.
(Third and final book of the series - Prequel to 'Red' - 1st- and 'Ruby' - 2nd- Raven is the 3rd and final book).


5. Without A Trace


I had to go. I'd overstayed my welcome and I could feel far too many emotions stir when I turned to look at Louis' sleeping face. His dark stubble grew along his jaw and across the space between his upper lip and nose. His eyes were closed and he was snoring gently, his soft brown eyelashes curled against his cheekbones. I wanted to kiss him, to wake him up by pressing my lips to his. But I had to leave. Erase myself from his life like I was nothing but a girl in need of a place to stay. Just a perfect stranger.

When I woke up I remembered everything. Even when he called me weird. And I didn't mind, because this sleeping boy was becoming more than just a stranger, and more than just a friend. And I didn't mind that either. But I knew that if I were to stay and trail butterfly kisses down his neck and curl into his form and stay forever, I wouldn't ever be able to leave.

I slipped from under his strong, tanned arm easily and watched as he groped around for a second in his sleep before finding the pillow which lay beside his own and pulling it to him like he sensed my absence. It made me want to cry or smile, I couldn't decide which.

I tugged on my jeans and went to strip his shirt off but I didn't want to. I felt like I needed something of his to comfort me at night when I was alone and homeless and running. Something to remind me that it was okay not be okay sometimes.

I dropped my shirt back on the floor and shrugged my blue cotton jacket on, and zipped it up, grabbing the hair tie from around my wrist and tied my hair into a long pony tail.

After hunting around for my other shoe for about ten minutes, I found it wedged between Louis' bed frame and mattress at the end of his bed. I tugged it on and then grabbed my handbag that was hooked over one of his bed posts then ever so gently kissed his forehead. I turned to his desk and saw the wildlife annual he had with all the birds on the front.

Then, after grabbing a piece of scrap paper and a pen that was almost out of ink, I wrote him a note and placed it on top of the annual before slipping out his bedroom, down the stairs and out the front door.

Then I ran down the street as fast as I possibly could.




Yawning, I opened my eyes and rubbed the sleep out of them. Looking around, I realized Raven had gone. Completely vanished without a single trace of evidence that she'd been here at all. Other than the note. I looked up and saw it folded up on top of the bird book I had. Unfolding it and sitting cross-legged on top of the crumpled duvet, I began to read, getting more frustrated with every line.


Thanks for letting me stay over. It was fun, but I have to go. Don't ask why, and don't come looking for me. Please.

From Raven.


I stared at the paper for a second before folding it up and putting it down on my bedside table. At least she said goodbye, even if wasn't in person. But I wanted to look for her. God, I needed to look for her. Because she could be anywhere. And what if she didn't have a family?

Stumbling out of bed, eyes still blurry from sleeping, I grabbed a pair of jeans from the floor and pulled them on, my legs feeling irate from being bare all night. The jeans were cold and annoying as hell to button up. Then I picked out a shirt at random and put that on along with my battered trainers. Nothing fancy, because I wasn't really going anywhere posh unless Raven had managed to find a plane ticket to Paris.

"Mum! I'm off to Chris' house, I'll be back before ten!"

Then I grabbed my car keys and shut the front door behind me, climbing into the drivers seat and starting up the engine.

Taking the phone from the pocket of my jeans I texted Chris asking for him to cover for me while I went somewhere. And, as usual, he replied saying okay and not bothering to ask where or to do what because I think he already knew.

Turning on the radio, I flicked through the different stations repeatedly (a bad habit I had got from seeing Mum do it numerous times) and didn't stop until I reached a decent one. A song was playing and it sounded familiar, but I didn't know the lyrics so I hummed along as the voice sung;

''You called me strong, you called me weak,
But still your secrets I will keep
You took for granted all the times
I never let you down
You stumbled in and bumped your head,
If not for me then you'd be dead

I picked you up and put you back on solid ground.''


I kept driving and driving through London, not really paying attention to where I was going. But I didn't care, because somehow I knew where to look.

I knew where she would go, because if I didn't have anything or anyone, I knew exactly where I would hide.














A.N: Hey guys! The song he was listening to is called 'Kryptonite' by 3 Doors Down and it's a pretty good song. Thanks so much for reading and I'm sorry this chapter isn't as long as I (and you) wanted it to be. Keep reading, and I'll keep updating. I love you, guys. 

Ciao, Patch xoxo :)









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