Raven ƹӝʒ

I'm on the run. But don't come looking for me, because I only bring destruction wherever I go. I'm like a timebomb, just waiting to explode and hurt you the most. So keep that in mind, if you choose to come looking. Because you might not get so lucky this time.
Lesson 101: If you catch a theif then they'll steal your heart.
(Third and final book of the series - Prequel to 'Red' - 1st- and 'Ruby' - 2nd- Raven is the 3rd and final book).


2. Prologue

I think if I run any longer I'll die. I can feel the air drowning my lungs, and my mouth is dry and cold. I can't feel my fingertips, though. And although my feet are sore, my toes are numb beneath my combat boots. I ache, and yet I cannot feel at all. My senses are jumbled, and my head is throbbing.


But I can't slow down.

If I slow, they'll catch me and I could never let them, for I would die. And they would make sure of that. I was a moving target, always showing up in places and then leaving a moment later. Now you see me, now you don't. I would be in a persons life, then the next day I would disappear. Never a stable home or friends. Nobody but myself. Not that I minded.

After years of running, it was hard to stop.


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