Unexpected Visit to my Heart.

I have you ever think that it's impossible that One Direction appears at your house because they got lost and they are hiding from fans? Well, Sam never thought that something like that could happen to her and it did.

Sam was a normal 17 year old teenager, or kinda normal. She hide dark secrets from her past.

Niall wanted her heart and Sam to keep a promise from the past. Niall got her, but when an old red haired enemy from the past appears Sam only wants to keep apart Niall.


1. Unexpected visit.


A/N: Cover by: Everything was slipping.


I was lying on my bed, sleeping peacefully when the doorbell rang. I opened my eyes slowly, and like I was expecting my friend Cat, I just screamed “It’s open” I heard to door open just a couple of seconds later and then it close again.

I closed my eyes again and pulled my pillow over my head blocking the noise and the sun light. I heard the door of my room opened and closed again “Cat, can you wait just five more minutes, I didn’t sleep well” I said moving my hand.


“Cat?” a male british voice said.


I opened my eyes widely; someone that it wasn’t Cat was inside my house. I threw the pillow over my head to the floor, and sat on my bed. Five boys were standing in front of me. I let out a big scream “You are One Direction” I said and they nodded “And I’m on my pajamas” they nodded again and gave a little laugh. I screamed again and fell from my bed. I kept looking at them, until Louis helped me to get up by giving me a hand. I took it and I stood up without taking my eyes off of them. I heard the door closed and footsteps, Cat must me here. “Cat, can you come here and fast, please” I heard the footsteps became faster and got closer. The door opened and a squeal sounded.


“Sam, they are…” my friend Cat said and I nodded.

“Cat, come her next to me, please” she nodded and walked next to me “I think I’m dreaming”

“Me too” Cat said

“Don’t punch me, I want to keep dreaming and stay here, like in my Hunger Games dreams” I said.

Cat walked to Harry, with a very stealth walk. She stood in front of him and touched him with a finger “It’s real”

“No that’s not true, they aren’t real” I said “Good things never happen to me, except you”

Harry walked to me and put an arm around me “If we weren’t real, why I can’t do this” he leaned against me and reading his mind, knowing he was going to kiss me, I put my hand in his lips.

“Don’t touch me” I said “Maybe they send them” I said to Cat.

“Them?” Liam said

“She thinks you were sent by her old school partners” Cat said

“We weren’t sent by anyone” Zayn said “We got lost and we are also hiding.

“Fans?” I said and they nodded.

“How much time you need to hide?” I asked putting my hands on my hips.

“Until noon” Harry said.

“Okay, I will just get change” I said, turning to see the boys to noticed that Niall hadn’t talk “And why Niall doesn’t talk?”


Since they got into my room he hadn’t talk. It is strange and it’s getting creepy, because he is just staring at me but why. For my hair? It was blonde along with brown and fake green and pink extensions, like Avril Lavigne’s. I shave a part of my hair giving it a Cher Lloyd’s style. But I didn’t think that that was the reason why he was looking at me that way.

“Sorry…hum. Hi” he said nervously.

“Okay, now everybody out of my room, I need to get change” I said pointing to the door. “You too Cat”

“But…” she replied

“Katherine Anne Louise Smerald Ship Edwards”

“Aaah, I already understood” she said getting out of my room followed by the boys that were laughing loudly.


(Cat’s P.O.V.)


I couldn't believe that I was next to One Direction. We walked to the living room and they sat leaving me a spot next to Harry. I crossed my legs like a lady pulling my bright yellow skirt down. I passes my fingers through my hair combing it with my fingers.


“So, Katherine Anne Louise Smerald Ship Edwards” Harry said “And your nickname is…”

“Cat, of Katherine, but its spell with C because I love cats” I said

“I love cats too” he said

“I know, fan!” I said pointing to myself.

We started laughing while the others looked at us awkwardly “Stop flirting” Sam screamed

“I wasn’t flirting, I was laughing” I said standing up.

“Well, with the things that always pass through your dirty mind, you were flirting.

“Don’t you say another word, or I will tell your worst secrets” I screamed

“I don’t believe you” Sam said getting her tongue out to me

“You better believe it” I said doing the same to her.

“It’s me or these girls are very crazy” I heard Liam said

“We are crazy, specially her” I said

“Tell them, I dare you, specially Harry, because you like him” Sam said. How she dare to say it?

“That’s it” I said and turned to the boys “The reason why she didn’t leave Harry to kiss her cheek was because she haven’t kiss a boy in her entire life, not even in the cheek, she wants it to be special” I said catching my bread “She had a crush on the same guy since 5th grade” I prepared myself for the reaction “Her celebrity crush is Niall”

Sam just let out a laugh, a big one “Is that all? The first two, okay” Sam said and pulled Niall from the shirt and pointed him with a finger “They are so many girls in this world that like him too. So you better get something better”

“How do you do it?” I said impressed and tired that she is never mad about the things that people say about her.

“Look at me, do I look like I care?” she said opening her arms “Look at my cloth”


It was true. Her motor biker boots gave her a rebel look. The super scratch leggings and her sweater with a hoodie, a casual look. The T-shirt with a dead skull and a knife on it that was bleeding a gothic look. And the braid an innocent look. Her cloth was a mix of everything. A normal person that didn’t know her could think she was freak. Of course she didn’t care.


(Sam’s P.O.V.)


“Of course you don’t care” Cat said.

“Duuh” I said and turned to the boys “Do you want to eat some food?” I asked to the boys

“We are not hungry” Louis said

“That is strange” I said

“What?” Zayn asked to me

“Niall didn’t react at the word ‘food’” I said “He is just staring at me and it is getting creepy” I said and walked to him “Are you okay?” I asked moving my hands in front of his face.

“Hum…I’m okay and I do want to eat” he said

“Okay, I will bring some cookies and bread” I said cheerfully

“I go with you” Harry said followed me to the kitchen.


(Niall’s P.O.V.)


How stupid I was on that moment. She realized I was staring at her. To her such beautiful honey blond hair, and her brown eyes. Her perfect height and not taking care that she was smaler than all of us, for 4 or 5 inches. Her amazing sense of style. But on that moment Harry was going to help her and not me. I should be me. The thought made me grin.


“Dude, it looks like you are going to kill Harry with that look” Liam said “Do you like her?”

“And we want the truth” Zayn said

“Is it that obvious?” I said giving up

“Yes, and a lot, if you want my opinion” Louis said

“Invite her to a date” Liam said

“No, you heard Cat, she have a crush on the same guy since 5th grade” I said “And we have just met”

“There! Same crush, 5th grade, you don’t know since when she don’t see him” Zayn said “And she is a fan, she knows you”

“Exactly” Louis said

“I won’t, no is no” I said shocking my head. I look to the kitchen “Here they come”


They walked into the living room, Harry with a plate of cookies and Sam with a plate full of bread. They left the plates in a little table that was in the center of the living room and they sit, well, Harry sat. Harry sat next to Cat, but Sam didn’t have a sit. I was thinking what to do, just like her. But she just let out a deep breath and sat in the floor very close to the table like it was normal. She pointed to the plates like inviting us to take some and eat, and then she grabbed a piece of bread, and took it to her mouth. Then everybody took a cookie but I took a piece of bread, just like her.

I took it to my mouth. Just in the instant it was in my mouth it solved. It taste delicious, it taste like orange.

It’s delicious, orange, good idea” I said with my mouth full of bread, then I swallowed “Where did you buy it?”

“I made it, like the cookies” she said “I woke up very early and prepared it, and then I slept again”

“Do you cook?” Harry asked

“Yeah, I like to cook, a lot, but also it’s a long story” she said looking at the floor. I thought it was a sad story.

“You two” Louis said pointing to Sam and Cat “You are not from here, right?” he asked

“I’m from here, but I lived most of my life in Canada” Cat said

“And you?” I asked to Sam, trying to know her better.

“I’m Mexican” I said


(Sam’s P.O.V.)


Yeah, that is right, I’m Mexican, but a Mexican with eidetic memory.

“How did you end here?” Zayn asked, and saw my face of offense “No offense”

“I have eidetic memory” I said pointing to myself “There elementary school starts when you are six or 5, then you end in 6th grade with eleven or twelve. I finished when I was twelve, then I started high school, and finished it in one year with thirteen” their jaws were dropped “Then I finished college with fourteen years and came here to study literature, which I finished in one year, then I studied laws that I finished when I was 16” I said catching my breath “My uncle” such a lie “Bought me a house here, I work as a babysitter and here I’m” I looked at them “You haven’t told me how do you ended here at my house”

“Oh, yeah” Liam said “We got lost and we were also hiding from fans and this house didn’t seem to have crazy fans”

“We knocked the door, you said open and we entered” Louis said

“Then you called us Cat” Niall said getting more bread in his mouth.

“You called them Cat?” Cat said surprised

“I had a pillow on my head, and I was still asleep” I said “You said you were coming here early and I just thought it was you”

“That explains it all” Cat said and threw me a cookie “What time is it?”

“Summer time, is our vacation” I always said that because of a movie of High School Musical “I’m joking, it’s eleven thirty”

“Eleven thirty, we have to be in the studio for noon, call Paul” Harry said to Liam


“Oh yeah, that’s right” Liam said and pulled out his phone and called Paul “Paul, we are on a girl’s house” ”We did nothing wrong” “Yeah, we are okay” “Can we take them to the studio?” I looked Cat and we both let out a squeal “Thanks, they will be very excited” “Goodbye, Paul” And he hung up the phone.

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