Unexpected Visit to my Heart.

I have you ever think that it's impossible that One Direction appears at your house because they got lost and they are hiding from fans? Well, Sam never thought that something like that could happen to her and it did.

Sam was a normal 17 year old teenager, or kinda normal. She hide dark secrets from her past.

Niall wanted her heart and Sam to keep a promise from the past. Niall got her, but when an old red haired enemy from the past appears Sam only wants to keep apart Niall.


3. Behind the Past.

(a week later in the behind scenes of the video)

“Sam, Sam, Sam, wake up” Liam, Harry and Louis said jumping in my bed.

“What time is it?” I asked annoyed

“Four forty five” Liam said “You have to make a music video”

“How many cups of coffee” I asked

“Just four” Harry said

“That explains it all” I said sitting on my bed “Go out I’m going to get dresses”

They got off my bed “Do it fast” Louis said getting out of my room with the other boys.


I stood up and walked to my closet. I grabbed a bray pants, an old and overused converse, a black T-shirt, a sweater, classic. I combed my hair and let it like that. My hair is honey blond, with some brown parts. I look in the mirror, just yesterday Cat took a little part of my eyebrows, and I also cut my hair because it reached my waist.


I grabbed some pink and green fake extensions and I put them on my hair. I loved my hair.

“I opened the door, walked down stairs to found nobody, and then I walked out to find a big back van, and I got into it. I also found out that there was another sit, because Cat and all the boys were already there. That meant, Niall’s lap, again. I managed myself to get in his lap and he gave me a Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks.

“Thanks, I didn’t know that Starbuck was opened at this hour” I said and took a bit of my Frappuccino

“It isn’t we got our contacts” Niall said “And Cat told that the Caramel Frappuccino was your favourite”

“It’s” I said

“Hum, and Cat also told me that you didn’t have Cd’s from Death Cab for Cutie, so I bought you Plans” he said and took out the Cd

“Oh, Niall...thanks” I said and hug, and suddenly I fell asleep, with my head in his shoulder still hugging him.


(Cat’s P.O.V)


I look at Sam. She fell asleep on Niall’s shoulder, hugging him. How cute! They looked like a couple, a real couple. I took out my I Phone 5 and took a picture of them. I punched Harry in the shoulder, he turned to me and I pointed to Niall and Sam.


“Look, they look so cutie cute” I said

“They should date, they already look like a couple” Harry said

“You should tell Niall to invite her to a date, is so obvious that he likes her and she likes him” I said “You just have to see how Niall blushes when he hears Sam’s name and she blushes when she hears his name”

“Yeah, you’re right” Harry said “I will tell him do invite her” and he put an arm around me

I was totally frozen.


(Harry’s P.O.V)

“Yeah, you’re right” I said “I will tell him to invite her” and I put an arm around her.


Oh, no. I put an arm around her. What if she notices that I like her? I would have taken it back but it felt so good, that I left it there, around her soft skin. After a couple of minutes she rested her head in my shoulder, and I rested my head in her head.


(Louis’s P.O.V)


I was peacefully sat in my spot when Liam touched my shoulder.

I turned to see him “What? I was trying to sleep” I said

“Look” he said and pointed to Harry and Cat “I bet Harry likes her”

“I bet it too” I said and took out my phone “I will take a picture” I took the picture and turned to see Niall. I was surprised for what I saw. My eyes couldn’t believe it.

“Liam, look at Niall and Sam” I said

“Take a picture” Liam said

“Of course I will do that” I said laughing.


(Sam’s P.O.V)


“Sam, wake up, we are here” Niall said shocking me. I opened my eyes “Hi”

“Hi, can you carry me to the school? I’m so lazy and it’s too far” I said. The video was going to be shooting in a High School “Please” I begged

“Okay” he said and carried me out. Even that I was taller than him for one or two inches, I wasn’t that heavy. I think. “Ready, one, two three” and he started walking to school.


After a little walk (50 seconds), he left me on the floor and gave me my coffee. I take a bit of it and a cameraman is standing in front of me with the director.


“Hi, Sam, I’m Alexandra, the director” she said shacking my hand very hard “End your coffee and go ahead to make up” she was going to leave but she turned again to me “And he is your camera man for the behind scenes, so start now” then she left and went to give instructions to the crew.

“Good morning and nice to meet you too” I said with sarcasm

The man stood in front of me “Hi, I’m your cameraman, Ethan” that camera man was around his thirties “Act natural, tell us what you’re doing, where are you, and where are you going” I nodded, unless this man was better than that woman “One, two, three”

I started walking to the front “Yo, what’s up? I’m Sam and this is the behind scenes of my new and first music video Gray” I said and took a look to my watch “It’s five of the morning and not even the sun is up” I looked at a window that was next to me, no the sun wasn’t up “Now, I’m going to the makeup station. The makeup is not my favourite thing in this world but I have to wear it is my job”

“Cut, I got enough, now I’m going to record you while you get the make-up and the make-up done, let’s do this”

“Okay” I said a little nervous.


The make-up was just like I asked it to be. A mascara, a little in the eyelash, and a simple but very cool pink/red lipstick, but I got a lot of eyeliner kind Avril Lavigne because the video was rock punk. Then I had to choose my cloth, and there was so many, but I ended choosing a black leather jacket, a brown motor biker boots, a red shirt, a very scratch jeans, typical of me. After that I was done.


“We need to talk” Cat said appearing in front of me

“About what?” I asked

She showed me her phone “About this”

“A picture of your dog?” I asked confused

“No, this picture” she showed other picture where I was hugging Niall in the car when I fell asleep.

“That was nothing” I said

“You like him, right?” she said

“No” I said blushing

“You are blushing” she said

“Is that obvious” I said giving up.


(Niall’s P.O.V)


I was standing there, watching Sam who was talking to Cat about I don’t know what things, I supposed girl things. Sam always looked so different from other; you could see the difference when she was standing with Cat. Her personality helped her, her attitude, because all of her was obviously different from other. She was unique. Call eeuh to the make-up, thing that she did a day before proved it. She was always showing who she was, herself, not being afraid of what the other could say. She got so much self-confidence. She got that one thing, that one thing that was so hard to describe. I never thought that I could fall in love with a girl like her. She was just amazing.


“What are you watching?” Zayn asked appearing from behind me with the boys.

“Nothing” I said turning to the boys

“We are sure you were watching something” Liam said

“And I think her name is Sam. What do you think guys?” Louis said

“Oh shut up” I said blushing

“Well, I saw in the car with her, and we got evidence in Cat’s phone. She was hugging you and you were hugging her too” Harry said “You also bought her a Cd of I don’t know what band”

“Death Cab for Cutie” I said automatically

“Ha, you did buy it. Well, I also took a picture of you and Sam after Liam showed me Cat and Harry” Louis said and took out his phone “This is you and Sam” it was true it was me and her, she looked so cute asleep. “And this is Harry and Cat or Carry” it was a picture of Cat and Harry, head to head.

“You like Cat” I said pointing to Harry

“I think that that was pretty obvious and unless I admit it” Harry said “Cat told me that I should tell you that should invite Sam to a date”

“I won’t, no, no” I said shocking my head

“I will invite Cat if you invite Sam. Deal?” Harry said

“I want to see that” I said crossing my arms.

“Okay if you ask to. Hey, Cat, can you come here for a second?”


Cat turned to Sam. They left out a squeal jumping. Then Cat started touching her hair and I think she was asking Sam how she looked, better than Sam, never. Sam pointed with her hand to us and then Cat turned to us and came walking while she fixed her hair with her hands. She stood in front of Harry.


“Hi, Harry. Did you just call me?” she said innocently

“Hum, yes” Harry said “I was thinking if you would like to…” he leaved here the phase he was nervous.

“Yes?” Cat said with a twinkle in her eyes

“…have a date with me?” Harry finally asked

“Of course I would like too, you just took so long” Cat said jumping into Harry’s arms and he spun her, both laughing.

I looked at Sam, our eyes met for a second, then she turned her face to the floor blushing.

“Now is your turn” Harry said to me

“What if she says no? That will ruin our friendship and make it awkward” I said getting nervous

“I already got a little chit chat with her, you lose nothing by asking her” Cat said

“I’m not going to…” I started saying but

“Sammy Tammy Amy, come her Sam” Cat screamed jumping with her hands in the air.

Sam walked to us and stood in front of us with her arms crosses over her chest “Do you need something Katy Kitty Itty?” she said mimicking Cat’s tone.

“Try again, well, Niall really, really needs to tell you something” Cat said excited

She turned to me spinning in her heels and ending in the same position she was a second before “And what is that you want to tell me?” she asked and I didn’t answer “What the heck you want because it’s…” she checked her watch “…seven thirteen and I’m getting hungry and you don’t want to see me when I’m hungry” she said shacking her belly “So do it fast”

“Um, I was asking myself if…” the words got stuck in my throat, I was really nervous “Wouldyouwillliketohaveadatewithme?” I said very fast in a very low voice.

“What? Can you say it louder and slower” she asked to me

“Would you will like to…have a date with me?” I finally said blushing and looking to the floor. I lifted my head an she was seriously blushing.

She looked around looking for something or someone “Are you talking to me because they are so many Sams in this world and that is not my real name” she said

“Yeah” I said nodding.

“You are not drunk right?” she said smelling the air.

“No, I’m not drunk and I’m talking to you” I said and started the flirting. I pulled her from the waist and got our foreheads together.  “Would you?”

She was seriously blushing, our eyes meeting, our lips about to touch, but then she pushed me gently “Sorry but no” she put a hand on my shoulder “It’s really not you it’s me” who hadn’t heard this a million of times “But I feel really bad if you don’t know why I have never kissed someone or had a boyfriend that starts since I was a little baby” that was new.

“What do you mean? You got a fairy tales life” Cat said

“You think that my parents loved me and I loved me, and I did for a while” she said “Are you ready because this story can change your thought about me”

I started to get worried, so I pulled from the waist again to hide it “I don’t care I will always love you” I said


(Sam’s P.O.V)


Bam! He threw it and it really felt like a bomb. Better said like a cannonball piercing my chest. No one had ever told me that. I have only heard that in the movies or read them in book. How sad it was my love life. I love him too, but how to know if it will last so long, he was a pop star and I was me, a girl that in elementary school was a goth nerd. So how he is going to love me?

While my head was fighting a battle my body was fighting another. I bite my li and looked down to the floor. He lifted my chin with one of his hands making me to look at him, thing that I didn’t want to do. Our kips were about to touch, our foreheads were together, our heartbeats were as one. One of his arms was around my waist and the other holding my head making sure I still made eye contact, and it looked like we were going to kiss. My hands in his shoulder like I was about to kiss him. Like we were about to kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss! I tear fell from my face


I pushed him gently “No, listen to me first” I said and took a step back “You don’t know me, no one really know me!” I screamed

“I know you enough” Cat said putting a hand on my shoulder.

I shook it “No, you don’t. I lied to you, I lied to everyone” I screamed “Do you want to know the truth, here it goes” I said and took a deep breath “I have a big sister, called Paulina, she was born when my parents were sixteen, and they accord to never have other daughter. Ten years later my mother got pregnant of me, I was the baby they couldn’t afford and they didn’t have time to abort. My parents consumed drug, alcohol, and they were always drunk, thanks to that I borned with four months and half, the doctors said a was a miracle, but I was very weak. I lived in the hospital a whole year in the care of Doctor Damian and his wife that always visited me with their children. I went out the day of my birthday and parents picked me up, but they were drunk. We crashed against a big truck, the doctors again said I was a beautiful miracle, but not everybody thought that” I let another tear out and wiped it out “I went to live with my aunt and her husband, they were rich, but they didn’t’ want me because they blamed me of my parents dead. They didn’t give me money, they gave all to my sister; while I went to a public school, and she went to a private school. The good news was that Doctor Damian was my new neighbor. I grew with their sons, Damian Junior that is six years older than me and his son Carlos, of my age. They paid my studies in a private school I was so happy” I looked at my feet “But I was fat and I wore glasses, in elementary school everybody laughed of me, Carlos was my only friend. When I finished elementary school I became a goth nerd, and a troublemaker, no one wanted to be my friend, only Carlos. In fifth grade I developed a crush on him, and he did the same on me, but he never told me” I looked again to them “When he told me my fly was going to go, so we made a promise to never kiss someone until we meet again. I haven’t seen him in five years” I let all my tears out “Then, Niall you appeared and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to break my promise” I cleaned my tears “Can someone bring some chicken wings?” I said and leaned my head in Niall’s shoulder “I’m so sorry” I whispered


“Don’t be” Niall whispered me back “Don’t be” then he kissed my forehead.

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