Crows heart.

Thea Crow is abandon by her Best friend, the vampire clea. Thea herself is half vampire and half werewolf.
Clea is maling her live at the collectiv for other half creatures. She Gets new friends and Fall for two boys who borg are dangerous for her. Who can she trust


1. prologue.

Prolog ...

My name is Thea Crow, I'm not like other girls, or so I think like them, but my life is a little strange. I'm half vampire and half werewolf, I know, I know, it's crazy, but in my defense, it was not my fault. Others call me hybrid but it is another matter. I can not tell you the history of my family, and I can not tell you where Thay live, jear ... at the moment I am living in my psychologist's car.

I'm moving to a collective in the middle of no man's land, better known as the Australian. I've been in one foster home after another, but for some reason they all were afraid of me and had kicked me out.

This collective is my last chance before I'm seventeen.

Thea Crow was something Clea my psychologist / counselor had named me when I was three years old.

Clea has helped me through all the terrible foster home and the nightmare I could not forget. She has been more mother to me than the others have been, yes my life is a bit of a mess.

I hope not that my story is going to bore you too much.

Although I do not think that it is too boring, perhaps naive and desperate but not boring.

So sit back and hold your arms and legs within the vehicle during the entire trip. Enjoy the ride.

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