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"No, I don’t think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how." – Gone with the Wind.

( No full on description apart from; Hazza Fanfic. )


2. Two.

I walk down the road on my way to a unknown shop, it's raining once more and it's pissing me off.
Sometimes I wonder if it will ever stop raining, but my conclusion is it most definitely will not.

I tighten my hold on my shoulder bag and concentrate on looking down at the ground. Fifteen pounds, I have left to get to get my dads birthday present, will I be able to afford anything? Probably not,  we shall see.

I never know what to buy my dad for his birthday, it's not like a girl where you can just walk in accessorize and give her a pretty trinket or something. With men it is so damn hard. Man bags are expensive, my dad doesn't own a iPhone, Blackberry or Samsung so getting him a phone case is off the list. Tops for men are more then 15 quid. Why have I even come out if I don't know what i'm buying?

I stop dead in my tracks and look around when I spot a 'London Tourist Souvenir Shop' at first I dismiss it but then I see a t-shirt that reads; 'Best Londoner.' Well this is the most interesting item I've seen. People in a pub my dad goes to say that he's the best Londoner, but in a witty 'you're not at all' way. So, a bit of banter with my dad, maybe? It's either this or a bar of chocolate. I'm not searching down this road anymore so I might as well as go for it.

I Walk to the little Souvenir shop and pick out  the shirt, it's 11.99, I then look for my dads size. It's blue and has a medium union jack logo and inside that is says the words.
Once pick It take i take to the man and buy it from him. 
 After this rather successful purchase I feel completed. And with 3.00 left in my purse I feel like a deserve a coffee.

With the bag in my hand I walk down the high street, I remember this sweet little cafe store that's on the street behind this one, but to get to it you have to take a ten minute walk, which i can't be bothered with. Feeling slightly disappointed I start walking home. Dad's present, check. Ella's present, check. I think to myself. By chance Ella's birthday is one day after dad's so it means I have to spend all my money in one day. And since I quit my job a month ago, i'm what you call broke.

Still on the same street I suddenly notice a small side street, that seems to lead to the cafe I so like. 
Should I take the road or should I carry on going home. I bite my lip and tilt my head wondering. So many people wonder around me, going through with their busy jobs and own home lives. Little kids and such, it's nice to see some happy people.

Finally I decide to walk down the side street, wandering down I realize it's a bit dim, but people still walk down casually but not as much as on the high street. People along here keep their heads down low seeming to want to keep 'undercover' which gives me the creeps.

When there's only about two people left on the street a man suddenly bumps into me, before i can look up at him he's ripped my bag from my shoulder and starting to run off.
"What, No!" I shout at him as the bag is being removed from within my hands. Suddenly a voice from near me shouts.
"Hey!" he starts to jog after him but only goes a few paces as he realizes the thief is gone. I simply look at the thiefs feet walk around the curb and out of sight about 100 metres away.

Stopping in his tracks the man that tried to save me groans in frustration he couldn't help me out. All my possessions were in that bag, my money, my present for my dad and Ella, my phone, even my iPod, photos of my family stuffed in my purse. Literally everything that is precious to me is gone. As the feeling sinks in my hands run through my hair and I curse under my breath.

The man who tried to help me is looking down the road, he has a hoodie on as if to hide himself. Maybe he didn't want to help me, but wanted to take the bag! The thought dawns on my but I come to the conclusion that wouldn't be the truth because he would have run off by now.

The man is wearing black skinny jeans and brown leather looking boots that go up the the ankle, I don't dwell too much on his shoes, but look up at him. He turns to me finally and mummers facing me.
"You didn't have anything important in there, did you?" he looks up and pulls off the hoodie and I can finally see his face properly. Brown curls, green eyes. It's Harry Styles.

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