Vampires and Mermaids. Two sides. Good and evil, Both have the same origins. Locked in a neverending battle.

This is my first movella so tell me what you think.


4. Darren

Everything is still and quiet, so very quiet. What is it? It should be peaceful, then why is my heart beating so fast. Wait,That’s it! There aren’t any sounds at all, no birdsong and no animals where are they. All i could hear was the waves lapping against the boat but there was no wind rustling in the trees.

I started fidgeting and looking around. The silence grew until it was unbearable and the heat felt as if it was smothering me. Then there was a whoosh like an underwater torpedo and I got an overwhelming urge to run. My sweaty hands grabbed for the ores. I started to row, franticly and without any coordination. I knew I wasn’t getting very far but that just made me row harder.

‘crack’ one of the ores broke, or was ripped apart, and was useless now. The boat was going in circles.

‘crack’ now both of the ores were useless, both broken. I had to get away!

My hands splashed at the surface of the water desperately trying to get away. Pain flared in my hand and I jerked it out of the water but there seemed to be a heavy weight attached to it trying to pull me down into the dark depths.

Two jade-green, reptile eyes stared up at me in hunger. They were set in a slim human face. It mesmerised me, a beauty like I had never seen before.

A splash of red caught my eye. Blood! My blood, this creature had bitten me. Instantly I snapped out of my daze. I slapped the thing in the face with all me might. The thing screeched and jumped down back in the water.

A tail splashed briefly above the water. ‘Mermaids’ I realised, but they weren’t real were they?

More heads surfaced and although they all had different features, every one of them had the same jade-green eyes.

One hissed showing vampire like fangs. I knew streicht away what it was:

The signal for attack.

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