Vampires and Mermaids. Two sides. Good and evil, Both have the same origins. Locked in a neverending battle.

This is my first movella so tell me what you think.


3. Corra

It’s cold!

The wind cut at my skin like thorns. My back ached. My wings are as heavy as lead. I have to get there before him! I could see the mountain before me; just a few more miles.

Crash landing on the edge, I desperately grabbed at the bushes and grass but my momentum threw me over the side. Every touch stung my skin, which was red whith sun burn. Oh well, I heal quickly.

I landed softly, caught by the branches of a bush.trying to pull myself out of the tangled twigs i niticed my limbs wouldn’t move.

I need something to give me energy.

At last my hand moved, Slowly and stiffly, I grabbed at a flask in my bag and pulled it out. I drank the contents in big gulps, the red liquid slipped down my throat reviving me instantly.

I rolled out of the bush and crouched behind it. Now I got a clearer view of the turquoise lake, shimmering in the light


On the opposite crater wall something fell. I strained my eyes to try and make out what it was but I only managed to see it clearly once it stopped moving. A boy.

It was him! The person I had come here for: Darren. I watched him get in the boat. the adrenalin raced through my body. 'not yet’ I told myself, I have to wait for the right moment.

‘Not yet.'

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