A Date With Harry Styles

Den hanler om en pige, der hver weekend går til bageren for at købe brød til familien. Der arbejder Harry, som en dag inviterer hende på en date.


1. The date

He worked in a bakery. He had curly hair. He had the cutest dimples and the most adorable smile. Oh, and he also had perfect green eyes. But the thing I loved most about him, was his personality. He was so nice to everyone and especially me. I saw this boy every single weekend, when I got bread for the family. Sometimes it was him who expedite me. And these sometimes were all moments, that gave me butterflies. If I asked for some bread he was like: "Sure, here you go beautiful," and then flashed his perfect smile and dimples, and a little wink. I gave him a shy smile back, and then left. This was how it went every time. One day it was saturday and I was going to the bakery as usual. As always I hoped, I was going to have a "moment" with him. I quickly grabbed my bike and drove as fast as I could to the bakery, 'cause I was a little late. When I arrived, I saw him through the window. Oh how cute he was. After some time, I found myself smiling like an idiot. He was just so sweet, that I couldn't help but smile. I then stared in his eyes. They were so hypnotizing. He could feel me looking at him, since he looked back. He smiled at me, and alluded me to come inside. I nodded shyly, and went inside. He waved me over to him. He never did that before? Oh. While looking down at the ground, I walked towards him. He leaned closer to me and whispered in my ear: "Here, take this." I took a small piece of paper out of his hand. I got to touch his big hand. It was soft. I wouldn't let go, but I did so it wouldn't get awkward. The paper said: "Meet me outside the bakery in an hour x Harry" After reading it, my cheeks turned red. I looked quickly up at Harry and smiled shyly and he gave me a wink, which allowed me to see his cute dimples. Oh how, I wanted to poke them. And his name was just.. ugh, so perfect. It fitted him like hell. That day was the day, he kinda asked me out. Kinda. I wanted to look perfect in front of him. I grabbed my bike, and drove home with a smile placed on my lips, all the way. I came inside, and ran upstairs to my room, and placing the bread on the kitchen table on my way. I found a cute summer dress with flower print. I applied some make-up and found a pair of ballerinas. I was ready. And I was really excited to see Harry. I'd only seen him wearing his bakery-clothes. Don't get me wrong it looked perfect on him. I just thought that he would look even more hot in casual clothes. This is gonna be a good day. The time went fast 'cause there was only 10 minutes left till my "date". I asked my mom if she could bring me to the bakery, because I was all dressed up and I didn't wanna destroy my outfit. She nodded, but was reaaaallly curious about who this Harry boy was. I never told my mom about Harry, but I decided to do it then. She was all like: "Oh honey, I'm so happy for you" and stuff. I just wanted to say "shut up mom", but instead my cheeks turned red and I din't say anything. She was happy for me, and only wanted me the best, so I had to be nice to her. While we sat in the car, butterflies appeared in my stomach. I was really excited, but nervous at the same time. How would it go? Am I his type? Am I good enough? All these questions filled my confused head. My mom could feel that something was wrong. I told her everything was fine but inside I felt like hell. I was shaking, but I tried to hold it back. I tried to tell myself that everything was gonna be alright and the worst thing that could happen was a fiasco. He wouldn't like hurt me. I took deep breathes and counted to 3 inside my head. And before I knew of it we arrived. I almost couldn't step out of the car. But I had to. I was so in love with him. I couldn't just give up now. My mom and I exchanged 'goodbyes' and then she left. Harry wasn't here. No, I shouldn't worry. He does not seem like a guy who wouldn't show up to his first date. So I waited. And in the same second he came out of the bakery, wearing tight black jeans and a white t-shirt. His curls was faded a bit, and he wore black raybans. On his feet he had brown, worn boots on. His look was so simple, but it looked sexy. Really. I felt like I did too much out of myself, but I couldn't do anything about it. It wasn't like the end of the world.

"Hallo?" I heard a voice saying. It was Harry. I looked up and realized I starred at him, since he came. But.. he was just so hot. I couldn't help it. "I'm sorry," I said and blushed. He just laughed and flashed his dimples and eye wrinkles. He was perfect. "It's okay babe.. Hey, I have never got to know your name, what is it?" He he said and smiled cheekily. "Uhm.. it's Jessie, but you can call me Jess" I said and smiled. "A beautiful name, that belongs to a beautiful girl, couldn't be better," he said. "Thanks Harry, I like yours too," I said and felt awesome right after. I could communicate normally with him. "How does a picnic date sound?" He asked. "Great, I love picnic, and forests. They're so beautiful.. And romantic." I felt more and more comfortable in his company even though the date had only last for 10 minutes. "I like you." Was his only answer. I blushed. He LIKED me. "Are you ready to go then?" He asked. "Uhm.. sure" "Great, lets go then" "Okay" I smiled and started to walk. Suddenly I could feel some fingers intertwining with mine. My heart beat faster and I melted inside. Goosebumps started to grow on my extremely white skin. His hands were so soft. We didn't talk or anything but it felt amazing and it wasn't awkward in any single way. I could suddenly feel raindrops on my arms. I ignored it, but before I knew of it, the rain was streaming down. Why didn't Harry react? "Harry?" "Yes?" He said and laughed really hard. "Why are you laughing?" I asked confused, but I almost burst out in laughter, just because he did. "All the picnic is ruined. I already made it ready." "But that's not funny?" "Jessieeee. It's funny admit it!" It actually was pretty funny, and I couldn't resist Harry's adorable laugh. But I thought it could be funny to tease him. So I did. "No Harry. It's not funny." You said with a serious voice. "Are you being boring now?" He asked with a playful voice. "No, I just don't think is funny." I was so close to laugh, but I held it in. "Well, you asked for it." He said and smirked. "Asked for wh-" You got interrupted by him tickling you. "No Harryyyy! Stoop it!" And you burst out in laughter. "I knew this was a game Jess!" Aww, he already called me Jess. He was so sweet. My love for him grew even more, and I got a lot more feelings for him. I really wanted to do this again. He was just so indescribable. He could make me laugh and I already felt like he was mine. He's something really special.

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