mogs gos 2 twn

mogs gos 2 twn n its rly scry. n yh evry chapt is lyk an paeg. deel wth et.


1. mogs levs hr haus

et ws a nise dey. mogs ws gong 2 twn su mogs gt up n had sum brakfst. et ws nise brakfst cus mogs laiks brakfst. thn mogs gt changd in2 sum gud cloths n gt sum mony. bt then mogs relisd tht mogs hed nu mony. mogs crid n crid n scremd 2 th gods 2 halp hr bt she gt nu rply. she fel 2 her nees n begd th lrd 2 giv hr mony bt he dint so she ws angre. evenchooalee mogs fnd sum mony n ws on hr wey 2 th dor wen she rembrd tht she hd left hr pet turtl on th sofa n she hd 2 go n mov et. mogs ws rly angre nw n jst wnted 2 gu bt she knw she hd 2 put hr turtl awey so she wnt n gt her turtl n put et in its turtl haus. thn she grbd hr coat n went ot the dor.

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