Is My Life Worth It?

Melody is a 15 year old girl from San Francico, California. She is madly in love with a boy named Cody. She met Cody when she was 9 years old and every since then she loved him. They decide to get together. They've been together for 6 wonderful years. Will they start being unfaithful now? With new challenges this couples just might break!


6. Back at school and DONE!

   The next couple of days have been wonderful for Melody and Cody, Melody even went dress shopping with her sister Faith. Melody and Cody were sitting on the couch when she told Cody that she wanted to go back to school. "Why did you decide you wanted to go back?" Cody asked her. "Because I want to actually be something when I grow up, and not sit here feeling sorry for myself!" Melody said a little agitated. "Oh." Cody said nervously. They finished watching the movie and then took a shower and went to sleep. Melody woke up the next day and went to go take a shower and brush her teeth and do her hair. She went down to the kitchen and fixed herself some eggs, bacon, and toast with orange juice before heading back to school. Of course Melody was nervous to go back to school, but she kept telling herself not to pay Lorie no mind. She headed to first period, she was the first one there so she took the seat in the back before anybody else did. Cody had all classes with her so of course he would sit with her, but everybody kept staring at him like he murdered somebody or something like that, he just laughed nervously and gave them the "stop looking at me and turn around" look. Before Melody knew it she was in the lunch room with her friend Kathy. Everybody was turning to take a quick look at her before they turned around and laughed at her. "Why is everyone looking at me?" Melody asked her friend. "Um are you sure you want me to tell you?''  Kathy responded. "Yes!" Melody said nervously. "Well Lorie and Cody are sort of dating and they been voted the cutest couple!" Kathy said kind of fast hoping that Melody wouldn't hear what she said. ''WAIT WHAT!!!!" Melody said surprised at the power in her voice. "Just calm dow..." Kathy tried to say but before she could finish Melody was already out of the lunch room. She ran down the steps then she felt a hand in her shoulder and realized it was Cody. Melody roughly pushed his hand off he shoulder and turned around and slapped him. Cody held his cheek while Melody took off running in the direction of her house. When she made it home she ran upstairs and her surprised she wasn't crying she wasn't shedding one tear. Melody was packed her things and left to her mothers home.

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