Is My Life Worth It?

Melody is a 15 year old girl from San Francico, California. She is madly in love with a boy named Cody. She met Cody when she was 9 years old and every since then she loved him. They decide to get together. They've been together for 6 wonderful years. Will they start being unfaithful now? With new challenges this couples just might break!


2. Another Stupid Day at School

    "Look at her ugly clothes!" Lorie shouted in the lunch room. Melody was used to comments like this so she really didn't pay it no mind. Melody was walking over to the table she usually sat at during lunch. For some strange reason Melody decides to glance up and finds Lorie flirting with her boyfriend, at that point Melody was done with lunch so she went into the restroom and cried--     Her and Cody were walking home when all the sudden Melody asked "What's your problem?" "What are you talking about" Replied Cody. "You and Lorie!" Melody said. "What about me and Lorie?" "Don't play dumb with me!" Melody said. "You already know that she bullies me all the time and you still socialize with her." "All I said was hi so calm down." Said Cody. "You want ME to calm down, Cody you don't know what it's like have to have an abusive father and then come to school to get bullied, but you want me to calm down!!"Yelled Melody. Melody Stormed off. "I can't believe him." She mumbled. When Melody finally made it home she ran up stairs to her room and locked the door. Her mother wasn't home so she knew what that meant her father was going to began beating her. Melody could hear his footsteps walking up the stairs. The sound of his heavy boots made sort of a thumping sound. Melody could feel his presence. Then all of a sudden Mike, Melody's father, kicked the door in only to find Melody curled up in a ball in a corner. Melody's father began to kick her and punch her until she blacked out. When Melody finally woke up she didn't realize where she was.


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