Shadow dancer

Rachel is a Guardian Angel in her survival Camp, together with her twin brother she Gets medecin from the city.
Her older brother died in the zombie invasion but saves her in the woods Three years later, yet he has no memory of her ore his past life.


1. prologue

My name is Rachel Estrella and i live in order to save mankind.

I live in the Camp Guardian Angels, it's a Camp for thise who has survived the apokolips. There are not Many of us left, not after the invasion Three years ago, Many died that Night, there among my mother and my big brother Alex, We fight the Living dead ore as we Call them, corpses.

We gave them the name of wolfs, for ther predatore instinkt fits, but that name has not been used for a long time.

I dont remember the World before the apokolips , I was barely a year when it happend. I have at twin brother, his name is Isaac and we have fought side by side at meny times. He is the only one who understands me for who i really am, Well besides dad, but he is always working, he is the Camp learder.

Isaac and I Gets food and medicine from the citys, it's one of the mist dangerous Jobs in the Camp, Many of the corpses is't hermans that hear allmost everything, Thats why my brother and I always go alone, we are the Best worriors in the Camp.

This is not my story and not the camps, but theirs, the undead, this is their story

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