Remeber me


3. chapter 2

I was on my way to the photo shot, 10 minutes later I was finally here. I walked in and I met Kelly and some people but then I saw a person that I never wanted to see, Justin bieber I just freaked out. "Kelly can I talk to you for a sec"

"Yeah what's up?" "What the hell is he doing here" "your doing a photo shot with him" "Kelly I can't you know what happened between us" " I know I know but please can you do this photo shot for me, and I own you one?" " no" " please y/n it's just one photo shot and it's good for your career " " ok I will do it" " yey good now come on or we are going to be late". We walked in and Justin turned to my way and when he saw me his eyes widened. I didn't look at at him I just walked to my changing room and after a couple of minutes Kelly walked in with my outfit. I changed to my photo outfit and it was a pair of underwear, I really didn't want to show my self half naked to Justin but I have to.

I walked out and saw Justin, he just stared at me. He came closer to me and said " h-hi y/n" I just walked away because he can't just brake my heart and after 3 years come and act like nothing happened. The photographer said that we were going to start now and that we have to act like we are in love. I hated it. Justin came to me from behind and started to hug me. "Good good" the photographer said. While we posed Justin whispered "I'm sorry for what I did I didn't mean to hurt you" "but you did" " by the way you look really hot" "shut up" "what it's true"he said. "Ok guys now I want you to kiss each other" the photographer said. "What no way" I was so pissed of right now. "Come on y/n I know can do this" "yeah y/n come on it's not that bad" "ugh ok I will do it but one kiss is enough" I said. "Great ok let us continue" he said. I looked at Justin and he was looking at me, he started to lean in and so did I. This is not good I thought to my self because my feelings for him could come back. Then his lips crashed into mine and I felt sparkles in my stomach, I told you so.

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