A Magicians Melody: An aqua dragon

This story is based on a female magician by the name or melody. She explores caves and hunts for survival


4. A short walk

I had only just awoke from my deep sleep. I grabbed the left over dear meat and the leather pack he lent me with the scrolls. Pit climbed on my head. I left a note to thank him. I was on my way to " Horla may " now. It was quiet a short walk but we reached it in time. I walked through the gate to see marvil, the villages magician. He rarely came out side due to his beverages were delivered to him. He was old and wise but appeared cruel and scornful, his voice was grumpy. I had spoken with him many times but he's very quiet and that kills any conversation. He was in the markets with a tall guard. I walked over to him. " marvil! " I called. " hmm... What is it you need of me?... " he returned." I found I spell that forms spirits of animals in sparks " I said while reaching my pack for scroll. " really? " he said while starring at my pack. I pulled out the scroll and read it out. People where starring at me and pondering what will happen. Green sparks flashing emerged from the ground and took formation of a tall horse. His eyes widened at the sight of the horse. " how did you do that! " he said in shock. " I found a magician in a hut south of here " I said in return. He looked at the scroll then at his feet and pondered for a brief moment. He pulled out a pipe and filled it will tobacco. He asked if he could borrow the scroll.

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