A Magicians Melody: An aqua dragon

This story is based on a female magician by the name or melody. She explores caves and hunts for survival


3. A cats spirit

I pull my sword from its holder as I approach a dear. I slashed its back it freaked out and tried to run, but it didn't reach far. I pick up the deceased animal and continue my journey to Horla may. My feet where tired from many hours of walking, but if I stop I won't make it in time and the gates will close before I reach it. My companion is quiet hungry. I had to stop now, plus it will give me some thinking time. I pull out my torn map once again to see where a hut or cave would be. There is a hut conveniently near by. I walked a couple of meters more to the hut, the hut looked old and broken, but it was better then nothing. The hut not abandon. As we we trotted inside and laid the dear down, a door flew open and hit my companion. The dragon was furious and spewed water at the rather tall figure that covered the door way. The figure came out of the dark, and stared us down with solemn eyes and wet moustache, " How dare you enter my premises with out my consent! " he yelled in his shaky voice. He shuffle over to my dragon and picked him up and asked of his name. I had to give it a name, and it had to be now. I finally found a name." Pit " he looked at me then deeply at the dragon. " so, your a magician? " he asked. " yes " I returned. " how did you know? "I asked as I pondered the thought of the name I decided. " well, no one can tame a dragon with out a magicians scroll. And to use one, you must be a magician. What's your name? "." Melody " he pondered my name for a brief moment. He walked in to the study and returned with a leather pack. He opened it and pulled out some scrolls that appeared newer then my own. " I once studied the world of magic when I was younger... I sometimes used to write my own scrolls..." He said as looked down at the ancient symbols. I asked politely if I could read his scrolls. He agreed. As I picked them up one stood out. It was handwritten by him. I read it out aloud. Once I finished, a couple of green sparks came out of the ground and took up the formation of a cat. It was out standing. " how did you do this? " I ask in amazement." The words on the scroll ask for a spirit to show its form off... That was a cats spirit... " he said as his voice dropped. I put down the scroll and looked at the dear and said." Hungry?

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