A Magicians Melody: An aqua dragon

This story is based on a female magician by the name or melody. She explores caves and hunts for survival


1. A place for the night

The floor was damp and cold. The rain was pelting the ground like a whip on bare skin. Rain dripping off the trees like tear drops. I was hungry, and the rain had scared away my pray. I looked at my torn map as rain soaked in to it. I wasn't near a village, or a town. I looked deeply at the map as I discovered an abandon mine near by. I was starting to catch pneumonia, so ran as quickly as my legs could run. I neared the cave as a wicked growl came from my stomach. I slowed down as I enter the mine. I'm cold and wet so I pulled out a scroll of ancient letters and read it as I speak, the ancient words are hard to pronounce but I struggle through. And then a flame summoned before me and I sit beside it while I perform basic magic. My stomach growled at me. I had forgotten about my hunger, so I pick myself up and look around outside. I found only a unlucky rabbit. I walk inside and cooked the rabbit over the fire. I hear something crawling about, but left it. I was to cold to get up. I turn my head in shock as I hear it coming closer! It was a aqua dragon that was probably as big as my hand but I couldn't be certain. I pull out my pack and quickly searched for a scroll I saw earlier. This scroll could befriend any living creature. But I have over hundreds of scrolls. The dragon got up in shock of my quick movements, and was ready to leave. I found it. I read it out, but dragon was walking away. The dragon stopped when I finished reading. He was uncertain of me. He slowly walk near me and sat down, so I scratched his back. He finally accepted me. The rabbit was beginning to smoke so I took it off the fire and looked at the scrawny dragon as his eyes began to close at the sight of food, so I looked at the rabbit and torn off its leg and feed it to my new companion. He was now full and sleeping comfortably. I got up performed some magic

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