I stand over a blood filled battlefield holding on to my plasma rifle, tears roll down my cheek as I pick up the dog tags of the people I care about. Stupid Hunger Games the movie and novel I once loved has turned into a reality. Feels like years ago that we were selected to enter this stupid virtual world. "Soldier! Get moving we can only leave if we win the PvP!" ByeBye01 screams into my ear.


2. Blue vs Yellow

The streets are field with cover as the kid runs out shooting all the close enemies down. I shoot a enemy behind him and pull back on the lever of the shotgun, the girl dives to the floor holding her gun tight and keeping her head down. The other boy runs for cover but is shot before he can make it, I slide behind a wall and look around trying to look for a better vantage point. I notice stairs leading to the roof but notice other blue team members holding on to that position. We look at each other me and the kid turning around to find a fat kid on top of the girl, I slowly approach getting close enough to be able to take the shot. He goes to stab her but she moves her head in time and I shoot the kid off her. I put my hand out and she grabs it boosting herself up then she runs off into cover. I pull my rifle back out and shoot at the remaining flanking enemies, just over five attempted this but did not do very well. "Grenade!" yells the kid. I dive towards the girl and turn back to the kid who lays on the floor slowly pulling himself up. I look around and here a loud bang. Three red's come from behind us coming through the garage, the girl and I shoot down the red team gamers. We look back to the big battle and notice that yellow now has an advantage, they had taken two rooftops and they had sniper's for support.

"Hey girl, run for the burger shop and take cover in the alleyway. You keep her covered then make a run for the pawn shop...she can cover you on your way!" the kid yells.

"What about you?" I say.

"I do what I always do in this game...I improvise," he says jumping the barrier and taking cover in the middle of the battle. The girl runs across the street and I shoot a few careless gamers, she waves me over and I shake my head mouthing the words "what?" she waves me again. I sprint across the street and hide in the alleyway with her, she peeks around the corner.

"Look the pawn shop it is completely hostile need to either find a new spot to camp or stay with me...your choice," I look at her and then across the street at the yellow teams hostile territory.

"Not much choice...look the laser sight, it is pointed at the floor right at the corner of this wall, as soon as I run I die," I say wondering how we are supposed to escape this alleyway.

"Look I have a sniper...see that guy over there who is part of our team? If you wave him over the sniper will target him and I can take the shot...but he will probably die," she says loading the sniper.

"No I am not going to let that innocent guy die someone will deal with the sniper," I say watching the guy.

"No, the shot must be taken now. Either he dies or we die," she says looking up at me. I look at the floor in confusion and think briefly. "It's him or you," she says.

"Fine, make the shot quick," I say waving over the guy. A yellow stabs the guy in the back right before he can move. I look at the girl who already turns the corner and lines up the shot, she fires and a gunshot rings the air. "Damn," she mutters right before a bullet pierces her shoulder.

"Son of a bitch..." she yells as I walk over to her kneeling in front.

"Are you alright? Did you get the shot?" I say putting my hand on her leg.

"I missed...argh, hurts," she says holding her shoulder in pain.

"Hold on I got a med kit," I say pulling out my med kit. I wrap the bandage around her shoulder and she stands up refreshed.

"Look uh...SoulReaper we have to get through this," she says wiping the dirt from her face.

"Call me Tai," I say.

"Alright well don't call me Angel67, call me Ellen...Ellen Cooper," she says.

"Tai Dillinger" I say smiling.

The sniper lasersight is gone so we run from cover blasting all in our way.

"This is Michael...the, uh kid meet outside the battlefield we found a jeep and are heading for blue's small camp up the road."

The shooting begins to stop and we clear out the area meeting Michael.

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