They dont know about us

it is set like the movie "Final Destination" it is another story of it


1. The aftermath

Walking the very hallowed and empty school halls, it was just a day after the tragic accident, the rain pouring outside. I pass the tribute wall and see my boyfriend’s photo hanging on that wall. I reach out and punch the photo, the anger taking over me.

‘How dare they take him from me? I told them to let us off the ride…but they wouldn’t listen.. I got off….as did his best friend Jacob. But it felt like death was with me there. As I saw what would happen’ I thought to myself


“Hey Sienna! Wait up” Jacob called out, I turned around and saw him running towards me, I turn quickly and run outside. A hand grabs my arm

“Hey where are you going?” Jacob asked me. I whirl around and glare at him..

“I’m going home.. I’m not coming tonight! Fuck that! He’s dead. He’s dead and I know that there was nothing I could do to stop it… but I saw it.. I could have stopped it! I should have tried harder!” I screamed at him

He’s arms encircle around me and I immediately feel comforted and then I go into one of my episodes

“No! No!” I scream “let me go! Please let me go! No!”

“Sienna what the hell!” he yells “Snap out of it! He’s dead! You can’t save him!”

I scream and push him off, he goes flying into the wall and I feel familiar arms encircle around me

“LET ME GO!” I scream

“NO! Not until you talk to me!” my sister, Julie screams

“I’m a freak, Julie! I saw how we were going to die! How can you stop me now?” I scream

I push her off and run to my car, choking on rainwater and tears, I get in my car and speed off down the road, not taking notice that both Jacob and Julie are in the car behind me. I arrive home and slam the door.

“Why can’t you just leave me alone?!” I scream in their direction

I run inside and lock and slam my bedroom door and throw myself on my bed crying

A knock then followed

“SIENNA! Please open the door!” Jacob yelled

I get up off the bed and open the door, it slams against the wall

“What?!” I yell the tears streaming down my face

He comes forward and pushes me against the wall and kisses me hard, his arms on the wall behind me, holding him up. Surprised I kiss him back my hands knotting in his hair. Then my common sense

kicks in and I hit him.

“Ow! Sienna! What the hell!” he yelled

I glare at him “I take it you haven’t been kissed or gotten some in a while?” I said

He smiles ruefully at me “you know me so well, Sienna” he says cockily

“Don’t……even think about it Jacob” I threaten

I push myself away from the wall and away from him, and sit on my bed, with photos I took on the trip.. I look at him and look back at the photos… I open my laptop and look up ‘premonitions’ and something terrifying comes up…

A few years ago, a kid named Alex Browning  had a premonition that the flight he was on would blow up and then a few of his mates and him got off and then it actually did blow up killing everyone else who was still on the plane and everything was calm for months until they all started dying in mysterious ways… one by one until they were all dead.

I slammed the laptop lid down and throw it away from me and Jacob looks at me like I was crazy

“Sienna… what is it?” he asks, looking at me weirdly

“I’m not the only one who saw what I saw…… you remember. Flight 180?” I say

He nods slowly “my sister got off that plane…she got hit by a bus a few months after it happened”

I whimper

“Terry Chaney…….” I whisper

His head snaps up

“How did you know?”

“I….I....I knew someone too…… Alex Browning…he was the one that saw what would happen...but I didn’t think… would actually happen.. oh god.. Jacob im so scared” I say and I bury my face into his shoulder

His arms encircle around me and he says “it won’t happen… can’t happen….we won’t die like that. I won’t let anything happen to you…. I promised Peter... I wouldn’t let anything happen to you”

I pull back and look at him

“That was on the ride! For three minutes……for a three minute ride…you didn’t make that promise for a life time” I say coldly

“Why couldn’t it be for a lifetime?” Jacob asked me, softly

“Why would you do that for me?” I ask

“Oh my god! Ashleigh….are you really that blind…that you couldn’t see that I love you” Jacob yelled

I gasp and sit on the bed

“no….this is exactly like Clear and Alex……..he died…and she ended up in a padded cell at Stony brook Institution for the mentally insane because she kept going on with this after Alex died…. I wont do this ever” I say

Jacob looks as if he's been punched in the gut and he draws in a sharp breath

"how can you say that? after everything I've helped you with? huh? how can you?" he yells

I jump off the bed

"i can say that knowing that i dont want to put you at risk of being killed! im trying to protect you.....or cant you see that? I say







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