The Journey

17 year old Talia moves to Georgia and is new there. Her mom tells her to go around the neighborhood and introduce herself. She sees a really hot boy named Spencer, she goes up to him and introduces herself. What happens next?


14. ThanksGiving

(Spencer's P.O.V)

Last night was amazing. Every single moment was special at Talia's house.Franck, Nick and I were talking about basketball because Nicholas plays it. Then soccer- Franck, andthen football-me. After the sport talking I just had to tell them that Talia was my girlfriend and that I was so happy. They were both happy for me and we started talking about how happy we are with our girlfriends. I just couldnt wait to see Talia in the morning. Once I woke up I looked around the room and saw the guys were still sleeping. I checked the time, it was 12:15am. I got up, took a quick shower put on a hollister long sleve royall blue and black striped shirt, black ambercombie shorts, black vans, black nike socks, hollister colone, my white lacoste watch, and spiked up my hair. My family and I were invited to have lunch at Olive Garden around 1:00pmwith Talia's family for Thanksgiving, thats why I got ready. Now the guys were awake.

(Talia's P.O.V)

Last night, my girls and I were having so much fun. We talked about our lifes,boyfriends,makeup,singing,and dancing. Later on we got tired and went to sleep. I woke up it was 12:10am I saw Skylar coming out of the bathroom i said "Goodmorning" she said the same. I took a shower put on my Forever tribal print dress, Forever 21 black ballet flats, ambercombie perfume, and gold chevron necklace, put on black liquid eyeliner, black mascara and my light pink baby lips. I straightened my hair then put it half up and half down. Just like Ariana Grande. My family and I are going to have dinner with Spencer's family at Olive Garden i think probably around 1:00pm. I waited for the girls to get ready and bring their stuff downstairs. Their parents are picking them up in 15 minuets. We got down stairs, I made Skylar and Laura a sandwich with Ham, Swiss, sourcream, and mustard. I didnt eat anything because I want a empty belly when we get there. When they were done. Their parents were here to pick them up. I gave them a hug and they left.

(Spencer's P.O.V)

"What the hell?" Nick said "What?" I responded "Why are you awake so early?"

"I want to see my girlfriend, and its Thanksgiving. So...Happy Thanksgiving!"

They both laughed and said "Happy Thanksgiving"

"C'mon guys! Get ready your mom is going to be here in alittle." I said "Ok,Ok" they both agreed. 20 minuets passed, they were ready. We headed down stairs I saw my mom making panckakes, my favorite I just didnt want to eat any because of lunch. I went up to her hugged behing the waist gave her a little kiss on the cheek and said "Goodmirning beautiful mother and Happy Thanksgiving"

"Happy Thanksgiving honey" The guys came downstairs and said "Goodmorning Mrs.Whiteman," gave her a kiss on the cheek and said "Happy Thanksgiving."

She laughed and said "Happy Thanksgiving, no need to call me Mrs. Whiteman. Just call me Cheryl." She was done cooking gave them their pankakes and by the time the guys were done their parents were here. Once they left my mom ran upstairs to get ready. She came down and it was time to go. I texted Talia

me: heyyyy

talia: hiiii

me: we are heading to your house now

talia: okkk :) :*

me: i love you.

talia: no i. love. you. <3

me: ilysfm

talia: ilysfm2

me: when are we going to tell our parents about us?

talia: at dinner i guess?

me: ok we will tell them together :)

talia: ok

me: ok we are at your house now

She came out of her house and she was the most beautiful thing ever. She came up to us gave me a hug, whispered in my ear "You smell so good, Happy Thanksgiving." and gave me an unoticable kiss on the cheek so my parents wouldnt see,next she hugged my mom and complimented on the way she looked, after that she hugged my dad and made jokes about stuff which made them both laugh like they knew eachother for years.

(Talia's P.O.V)

I went outside to greet Spencer and his parents. I saw Spencer, he looked so hot its not even funny. I loved his outfit, hair, face, everything. He is just too perfect. I hugged him first told him he smelled good and wished him a happy thanksgiving and gave him a kiss on the cheek but his parents didnt see. Then I hugged his mom Cheryl, "Happy Thanksgiving. By the way I just love your dress Mrs.Whiteman!" she laughed and said "awh thankyou honey, I love your dress too. Oo and Happy Thanksgiving." I smiled and moved to his dad Peter, hugged him and made a joke which made both of us laugh. My mom came down the steps and Mrs. Whiteman went up to her greeted her and carried on a conversation. Then came my father, mr.whiteman ofcourse went and spoke to him. Spencer and I were just standing there alone. I turned to him with a smile and said "I love your outfit. Its so cute and handsome." He said "Thanks babe, I love your dress, hair, shoes, eyes, lips" he stared at them then in my eyes looked around then he kissed me hard. Again with the bottom lip grabbing...OH MY GOD i love that. His lips were wet but it felt nice. I kissed back as hard as he did. I just couldnt stop. Luckily our parents went inside for a little bit.

(Spencer's P.O.V)

Our parents went inside for alittle bit. I dont know why but ya. Talia turned to me with a huge smile and said "I love your outfit." I said "Thanks babe, I love your dress, hair, shoes, eyes, lips" i looked at her lips, at her beautiful green color changing eyes then made sure no one was around and I kissed her, hard. I love grabbing her bottom lip so I did. I heard her make a noise when I did that. Haha i know she loves it. When im with Talia.... it makes me feel alive. When I kiss her its a whole different feeling from all my other girlfriends. She is so special to me. I would never let anyone hurt my princess. We let go of the kiss and started fake laughing when we heard the door open. "Whats so funny?" Talia's mom, Dani asked. "This random sqiuerll jumped on Spencer's back" Talia said. "Ya we were talking then he just jumps on my back and I got so scared" I agreed. Everyone laughed. "C'mon lets go" Talia's mom said

"Ok, Dani are we all going in your car?" my mom asked

"Sure". Talia and I sat all the way in the back of the car, my mom and her mom 2 seats in front of us, and our dads all the way in the front. We held eachothers hands the whole time until we got to the restaurant. When we got there it was packed, we had to wait for 10 min. We finally got a table, ordered our food, ate the food, chated for a while and left. I was so full but the food was splendid.

(Authors note: I will finish writing the rest later -Nat)

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