The Journey

17 year old Talia moves to Georgia and is new there. Her mom tells her to go around the neighborhood and introduce herself. She sees a really hot boy named Spencer, she goes up to him and introduces herself. What happens next?


13. Hangout

(Talia's P.O.V)

Spencer kissed my forehead and I literally died inside. I felt like a princess. For some reason I felt special. At that moment I thought 'What if he likes you Talia? I mean you guys unexpectedly matched on the first day of school, he has called you hot, got sad when Nicholas called you gorgeus, you both looked at eachother at the same time when you saw Love at First Sight in the textbook and now this.' I hope so though. We were walking to my house and I said "Thanks for everything."

"Your welcome" he said with a smile while looking foward. I hugged him and he hugged back. Ive got to say he is a really good hugger.We got to my house and there was a note on the fridge. It said:

Dear Talia,

I went to a dinner with your father. There are some snacks and meals in the fridge for you and your friends. I hope you had fun at Spencer's tell him I said hi. Please dont make to much noise because of the neighbors. Thanks have a fun time!

Love, Ma

I cleaned around the house and waited for everyone to come. While waiting Spence and I, were just talking about life and how we could set up Franck and Skylar together, Laura and Josh together and Sofia and Nicholas together. Finally, Laura arrived andthen, Franck then Josh, then Skylar then Nick. Everyone was here. "So what do you guys want to do?"

"Truth or Dare" Nick shouted. "Yea" everyone aggreed. Yes!!! We are going to play Truth or Dare im exciteddd.

(Spencer's P.O.V)

Well, we are going to play truth or dare.... yay! Lets do thissssssssssss. Ok so we all sat in a circle. I sat across from Talia, Talia sat next to Skylar, Skylar next to Nick, Nick next to Laura, Laura next to Franck, Franck next to me, Me next to Sofia, Sofia next to Talia. Franck spined the bottle and it landed on Nick and Talia. Nick had to truth or dare Talia, she said dare and smiled. He laughed and said "Ok, I dare you too..." he looked around the room "twerk over there" he continued. "Ugh ok." she smiled and rolled her eyes. She twerked. I was blown away. Wow. Next up was Skylar and me. She dared me to kiss someone on the cheek, at that moment Talia looked straight into my eyes. Just locked into them. "No you choose for me Skylar" I said while still looking into Talia's eyes. She looked at us staring at eachother and said "Ok, Talia" Talia just sat there focused into my eyes and with a smile. I went in slowly and kissed her cheek. She blushed.

(Talia's P.O.V)

It was Spencers turn to be dared and he was dared to kiss someone on the cheek. For some reason I looked straight into his eyes and just got lost into them because they are so beautiful. He was lost in mine too. We literally did not loose contact. I felt a connection. Finally Skylar said to kiss me on the cheek and I smiled. When he kissed me his lips were so soft. Oh my god, it was a perfect kiss on the cheek. It was also better than the one he gave me on the forehead because that was so fast and I barley felt it and the kiss on the cheek was slow and nice. Next, it was Sofia and Franck turn, Franck dared her to kiss Nicholas on the lips for 10 seconds. They both looked at eachother, leaned in and kissed. I took a picture hehe. Next, me and Laura I dared her to kiss Josh for 15 seconds. They both looked into eachothers eyes leaned in close and slow, they stopped like an inch away from eachothers faces, looked into eachothers eyes and kissed. Josh always thought Laura was pretty ever since he first saw her. She always thought he was cute since the first time she saw him so I dared her to do that for a reason ;) Next was Franck to dare me, once he saw the water bottle was pointing to us he had a side smile and I started laughing. "Okkkkkkkk,Talia. Bass. I dare you to..... make out with Spencer." I stopped breathing.

(Spencer's P.O.V)

Franck's turn to dare Talia and for some reason when she looked at him she started laughing so hard. Her laugh is so cute, and her smile is the most beautiful thing ever. He dared her to make out with me. I melted inside. This was actually happening. We both leaned in the middle of the group so basically, everyone could see us. We leaned in really slowly while making eye contact, she smiled and leaned in a little faster. Next thing you know... I was kissing the girl I thought was beautiful since the second I met her, Talia Bass. Her lips were so soft and nice, the upper lip was a little wet but thats ok, I grabbed onto her bottom lip and it felt so good. The kiss was amazing. Everyone was taking pictures of us, while making out Talia moved closer to me and sat on my lap. We still were making out and Franck said "You guys can stop now" with a chuckle. But I didnt want to stop. I never wanted this to end.

(Talia's P.O.V)

This is the most amazing kiss ive ever had in my life. I cant believe im kissing the popular football player Spencer Whiteman. He grabbed onto my bottom lip and that was so f**king perfect. Lord! Franck said it was ok to stop but honestly....i didnt want to so I continued to kiss him. I sat on his lap because my knees were hurting, he had his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him, my hands on his face, and it was just perfect. We finished like 15 minutes later. I needed a breathe but if I could do it again, I would.

(Spencer's P.O.V)

I felt like we were already a couple. No joke, I had her on my lap, my arms around her waist, her hands on my face. It was just magical. It felt like life froze and at those couple minuets that we were kissing nothing else was there just the two of us,nothing else mattered as long as we were together right then and there. By the end of the hanging out, Laura and Josh where boyfriend and girlfriend. Franck and Skylar are bf and gf, Nick and Sofia are bf and gf. But Talia and I arent. Franck asked Talia "What would you say if Spencer asked you out?" I seriously didnt tell him to do that though. He told me after but ya. She pulled him to a corner and said "Yes, I would say yes."

"Ok" he said. Later he aproches me and tells me what she said. I was so happy. I went up to her sitting on her bed while texting on her phone and said, "Hey"

"Hi" she said while sitting up. "Your a great kisser" I said shyly with a smile. "Thankyou, so are you. You were perfect." she said with a bigger smile. I chuckled and said "Talia, I-" I got caught off by loud music playing from Nick's phone. I looked at him with an are-you-kidding-me face. He shrugged his shoulders and started dancing. Talia told me to hold my thought and she went into the kitchen to get more sodas for us. When she came back everyone was dancing. Right now it was 8:20pm. She said "So what did you want to tell me?"

"Ill tell you when its quiet."

"Well, do you want to go outside for a bit?" she asked. "Ok" we went outside and sat on a bench.

"Talia, will you go out with me?" I said with a big smile. A tear ran down her cheek and she said "Yes, yes I will Spencer. I will go out with you." I pumped my fist in the air, grabbed her by her butt, lifted her up spun her around, put her down then kissed her. I was the happiest boy alive.

(Talia's P.O.V)

Spencer asked me out!!! Oh. My. God. I started crying when he did because of how happy I was. I could tell he was very happy when I said yes. He picked me up spun me around then kissed me and I kissed back. He is so sweet, romantic, funny, kind, athletic, talented and so much more. Im the happiest girl alive. Spencer was the last boy to stay. Skylar and Laura are here too but they are texting their boyfriends. Spence and I were watching w movie called The Conjuring. We were cuddling because I was so scared, but sometimes we would makeout. I loved that night. He left after the movie was done because Nick and Franck were sleeping over his house. He gave me the longest pop kiss ever before he left. It was dark outside, before leaving he turned around and hugged me and said "Is this a dream?"

"No." I laughed "I thought it was too at first." I continued. He laughed then kissed me my arms around his neck, his arms around my waist. I love Spencer.

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