Living In His Shadow

Marcel has always lived hiding behind his brother, going unnoticed but feeling protected by him. When his brother is diagnosed with Cancer he had to break out of this habit even though it comes with ups and downs.


2. Two

Of course, out if us two brothers, we were treated completely different at school. We weren't just a pair of twin jocks. I was actually a joke to most people.

He spent his days with the guys who were athletes, his best friend being a starter on the football team. Another one of his friends was number one on the cross country and track team. Harry dropped out of football after my mother worried about injury.

Me on the other hand, I have never played a sport in my life. Well when I was younger I tried football with Harry but I only remember beginning the coach not to put me on the field.

That was years ago though. Now I have found what I like, Sciences, Academic competitions. Hanging out with people that went through similar things that I did, even though I never did make any best friends.

Passing period was the same today as any other day, I rushed to my locker as people slowly made their ways around me without even noticing I was there.

Until I felt someone grab my collar, I quickly looked up to see Randy a kid much larger than me in size who was sadly younger than me. "Am I ruining your shirt?"

"Yes, you are please let go." I said nervously.

"Where is your brother? He is usually around to save your ass by now." Randy said with a soft chuckle.

I didn't answer him that time, I didn't want to seem like the weak one to those who passed by staring at me. Everything was moving much slower now it seemed, I was able to make eye contact with three people passing before something hit me in the face.

One of his friends threw one of my own books at me getting me in the eye. He must have went through my bag when I dropped it on the floor.

I fell down and tears started to burn my cheeks, it seemed like everything had gone silent for an entire long minute before people started buzzing again. I could hear their laughter as they walked and I quickly started gathering my things.

My vision was blurry and I realized that I lost my glasses in this beating. I sighed softly knowing they were probably stepped all over by now. Where were my teachers when I ever did need them?

"Marcel, what did they do to you? Why did you let them do that?" Said a familiar voice moving my glasses into my hands. I slid them on and saw that it was the girl from before with Harry, Noel.

"Do you honestly think that I could do something about that?" I asked her softly closing my locker and tightening the straps on my back pack.

"You could tell someone." She said to me, the warning bell ringing. "Gosh, Marcel. Look at your eye, look what they did to you." She said leaning up to examine the pain by touching it.

I flinched away from her hand. "That hurts." I told her beginning to walk. Why wasn't she with Harry? Or any of her other friends?

She didn't follow me and I was thankful for that. I walked into the restroom immediately welcomed by the sound of someone vomiting violently into the toilet.

I ignored it and went to the mirror to look and find that my eye was quickly becoming bruised and hard to keep open. It hurt to blink as well.

After I heard a fit of coughing which was a sigh of their vomit settling I walked towards the stall and pushed the door open to fid Harry crouched over the toilet. He looked so sick it made me feel ill.

"Are you alright?" I asked feeling like I had nothing else to say.

"Just fine." He a said standing up and walking to the sink to rinse out his mouth. He looked at me staring at him in the widow. "It's just.. The medicine I'm sure. But why happened to your eye?"

"My eye?" I asked nervously feeling that he was going to get upset with me. "I opened my locker, some people passing by pushed me into it and I hit my eye just as it was opening. They apologized all is well."

"Bullshit." He said.

"Can we just go home? It doesn't seem like either of us are having a good day. I will talk about it later." I said looking down at the floor. To my surprise he didn't object he simply led me out of the bathroom.

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