Living In His Shadow

Marcel has always lived hiding behind his brother, going unnoticed but feeling protected by him. When his brother is diagnosed with Cancer he had to break out of this habit even though it comes with ups and downs.


1. One

I sat against the wall in the hall looking up to see my brother across from me, he stood in the bathroom with the door open fixing his hair the proceeding to pull down his sleeves to cover up his bruises. One of the downsides of Chemo therapy.

He looked down at me once he finished and grinned lightly. "You ready to go now?" He asked. I quickly stood up fixing my clothes on m body and nodded softly. "It's a shame that I have to get up this early and I am sick."

"Well the science club waits for no one." I reminded him with a smile on my face. "And you aren't sick, you are just.. Fighting everything off." I said a bit quieter.

"Mhm." He said as he grabbed his keys from the counter kissing mum's head before walking outside.

I walked to her hugging her and letting her kiss my cheek before stepping outside with Harry an getting into his car.

Once we began to drive I began to think about stuff that I hated but couldn't help but to wonder about.

"What are you thinking of?" Harry asked me. Taking a glance at me then back at the road.

"I was just wondering.. If you ever are going to tell your friends that you have cancer." I said, sighing at the thought of it ever becoming that serious that he would have to inform people.

"Either that or they will figure it out themselves." He said with a soft chuckle. I didn't understand how he could joke about his condition.

"What will happen to me?" I asked him.

"Don't think like that." He said simply turning up the radio for the rest of the ride. I wasn't sure if I had hurt his feelings but I didn't want to just not talk about the future.

I didn't bother him though. When we got to the school we both got out of the car and began to walk with each other. Suddenly a grin came across his face and he nudged my arm. "Come meet my friend."

"Harry I don't have time." I tried to remind him.

"You have a few minutes before it starts it will be fine." He said glancing down at his watch before leading me in a new direction. "This is my friend Noel." He said as we reached a girl, her hair dark and her eyes bright a color. Slightly blue but it may have only been the lighting.

"Hey, I have heard your brother talk about you. Marcel is your name right?" She asked me, a smile appearing on her face.

"Yes. It's nice to meet you." I said politely.

"You too." She said with another smile in my direction. I began to feel awkward wanting nothing more than to step back and let my brother speak. I looked at him to let him know that I wasn't sure why to say and he chuckled.

"Sorry about him, he is just really nervous about being late to his club. Go ahead. I will catch you later." He said to me and I nodded to him and his friend someone I was sure that he planned on dating, she was beautiful and he deserved someone nice right now.

"Okay. Bye." I said rushing off to find room 180 where we usually met on Monday mornings.

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