What Matters

Anto met a not-so-normal gorgeous boy a year ago on a train. Jack Harries. Now, he shows up and is not alone. They need her help. The 2 boys and 2 girls must travel halfway around the world and look for the price of their lives. Will she be able to find what matters most? Or will they all die in the end?

Im terribly bad at this, but please give it a chance?


10. Caspar

He said yes. Caspar was coming over to get us some family journals or something to help us research. The hole situation was just so bizarre i didn't even stop to consider how he could afford that kind of trip. He was on a scholarship after all. But somehow the next morning Caspar was in Finland joining us for lunch.

We were all outside waiting for him, which seemed like a good idea to all of us at first. But then he showed up. -antooo!- yelled Caspar before running over and crushing me in a bear hug, spinning in circles to make me dizzy like he always did back home. I had missed him, he just had a way to make me laugh about everything all the time. He was like 6'1, had messy blond hair and bright eyes. Hugging him back i squealed like a little girl until he put me down. -whats up stranger? Thanks so much for helping us, really- remember how i said that we all thought it would be a good idea to meet Caspar? Now Finn looked annoyed with his presence. - anything for you- replied Caspar - which reminds me.. I got the books you wanted from the library, they are all in my trunk. I'll go get someone to carry them to your room- at the mention on books, dani's eyes widened considerably. -hey, i know you to! Dani right? Who are your friends?- Caspar was smiling and hugged her too. -ah.. Yeah.. I mean, I'm dani, those are Jack and Finn- she stammered blushing when he let her go. And now both Finn and jack had murderous looks on their eyes. The boys shook hands before Caspar excused himself to get help with the stuff he brought. The twins both crossed their arms at the same time over their chests. -i don't like him- they said in unison.

So, are you liking the story so far? I would really apreciate likes, comments and favourites.. Help me make it better!and anyway, theres not much fantasy right now but I'm getting to it! I'm sorry for any typo or horrible grammar mistakes! English is not my first language so bear with me, ok?

Love youu

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