Adelaide is best friends with the guys from Emblem3. Her and Keaton have been best friends for a few years now; but to them it feels like forever. To Drew; Adelaide is like a daughter to him. To Keaton; she's the best friend he'll never let go. To Wesley; she's the girl he wants as his girlfriend. Little does he know, Adelaide has the same feelings for him as he does for her.


3. One

Adelaide's POV


"Koolaid!" Keaton yelled, hugging me tight.


"Hi, Kitten." I giggled. Yes, we have cute nicknames for each other.


"Come on, I want some ice cream!" Keaton pulled me down the sidewalk. We arrived at the closest ice cream shop, which was Carvel, and waited in line.


"So, what's new?" I asked.


"We're going on tour soon." Keaton said.


"That's great!" I smiled.


"Yeah, but I'll be soooo bored without you!" Keaton complained, "So with Drew and Wes."


"I'll be soooo bored without you guys, too." I giggled, mocking him.


"I wanna take you with me!" Keaton whined.


"I don't think you can." I told him, giving half a frown.


"I'm gonna ask anyways." Keaton said, nodding his head once meaning he made his decision and there was nothing anyone could do about it.


"Well, you let me know what they tell you." I smiled as we got to the counter.


"Two cookies and cream cones please." Keaton flashed the cashier a smile. She nodded and a few minutes later she came back with our ice cream. She handed us our ice cream and we paid then sat outside.


"When do you leave?" I asked.


"Next week." Keaton sighed.


"We have a whole week to hang out! Don't be sad, you'll make me sad." I frowned.


"Well, we'll make every minute count." Keaton smiled.

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