The Best Kind Of Friends {Ouran High School Host Club}

When Hachiko Sasaki moves in with her Grandmother, after her rich parents sent her away, she attends Ouran. Where she then gets in debt to the host club while also being mistaken as a boy shortly after Haruhi. *read it to find out what happens next!*


2. Chapter 2

Tamaki explained to me as to what a host club was while I looked around the room boredly, just barely holding onto interest. "You see, a host club is where rich young gentlemen like us, who-" That was it. All interest lost. I noticed Tamaki still thinks I'm a boy, and so does everyone else..well maybe not Haruhi and Kyoya.. I saw a cake over on a table. I remembered Honey and I never got to eat any! I grabbed Honey and carried him over to the cake, whilest Tamaki was still talking. Honey looked at me happily while I looked at the cake happily. "So I take it you want to eat some cake?" He said cute and cheerfully. I nodded while drooling. Mori had walked over and He began to cut us two pieces. When he handed me mine I inhaled it instantly. "OHMAIGAWDTHISISTHEBESTCAKEIHASEVERHADINLIKEVER!!!" I literally died inside from its amazingness. I looked over at Honey who hadn't even touched his cake yet and then to everyone else in the room, who all looked freaked out..again. I laughed. "Geez guys whats wrong?" Kaoru spoke up. "Nothing, your just a bit odd Hachi.." he awkwardly laughed. I stuck my tongue out at him. "Hey, its not my fault I like food! I love cake and icecream and candy and fruit and Spicy food and italian food and chinese food and sushi and seafoods and mexican food and-" I went on for a good ten minutes about all the food i loved but pauseed. "But!" I said darkly. They all looked at me suspensefully. "I absolutely hate..Vegetables!!! Ewwwy!" I pretend gagged and pretended to die on the couch. "You really are odd Hachi.." Hikaru said almost mimicing his brother entirely. "Oh be quiet Hikaru.."I said looking him dead in the eye looking serious but started giggling instead. Looking up i noticed the host club all looking at me for the thrid time, freaked out. "Man I really freak you guys out alot huh?" I asked innocently. Kyoya looked at me intently. I looked away and slightly blushed. I didn't like people looking at me. It made me feel self-concious. I looked back at everyone and sighed. "Something wrong?" Haruhi asked. I shrugged. "Oh! I have a question!!" I said waving my arm in the air like a five year old. "Yes?" Kyoya asked. "Ok. So since i'm an 'offical host club member' I can't leave the host club no matter what?" Tamaki nodded. "Thats right and we can't kick you out unless you do something horrible." I smiled devilshly but laughed. "Good! Because I have some thing to say-" a bell rang really loudly and i was interupted. "Oh well It will have to wait!! I have to meet my grandmother! See ya tomorrow!" I began walking for the doors but a voice called out. "Hachiko! Come to the club before school starts so we can get everything sorted out okay?" Tamaki called smiling. I looked back at him and smiled, "Sure thing!" I pushed open the doors and walked down the hallway to the front. This was going to be a wonderful school year.

I sat in my room studying like the nerd I was. Oh I forgot to tell you! You see there is this little brown building next to my grandmothers house and it turns out its actually my own private quarters connected to the main house by an underground hallway in grandmothers basement! Cool right!? So my little place has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. Its sooo cool! Anyways back to present time. I earlier told grandmother about everything and she just laughed quite amused and told me it was my problem. Haha typical grandmother. I looked at the clock. 12:35. I should probably got to bed..I yawned and climbed under the covers, leaving my light on because i'm terrified of the dark..yeah i know weird for a girl my age. I snuggled under the covers of my green and blue comforter and drifted to sleep.

When I woke up I hit my alarm clock shutting it off. Yawning i climbed out of bed and got into the shower. When I got out I let my hair air dry and put a headband with a little bow on it into my hair, still letting my bangs go across my forehead. I slipped on this school uniform(picture above) even though it wasn't the schools uniform. There was no way I was going to wear a puffy dress or a suit. I slipped on my shoes and grabbed a few strawberries. Heading out toward the limo i threw my bag in and slipped inside. I ate the strawberries contently until they were gone. Baabi spoke up. "You look very nice today miss Hachiko." "Haha thanks Baabi!" We rode in silence until we got to school. I waved bye to Baabi and headed to music room 3. Boy were they in for a surprise. I laughed as I walked down a hallway. A few boys were staring at me as I passed and I just smiled sweetly at them. Finally I made it to the room. I pushed open the door and dove inside quickly before any flower petals could kill me. I stood up and brushed myself off. "Sorry miss we aren't open before school.."Tamaki started but I interupted. "Aww..It hurts my feeling thatt you don't recgonize* me Tamaki" I said sadly but jokingly. "Ha-Hachi?!" The twins asked shocked. "Yep. I figured.." Kyoya chuckled. "I thought you looked awefully feminine." He added. I blushed a bit and rubbed the back of my neck. "Yeah I knew you were a girl. I'm just surprised these idiots didn't" Haruhi spoke up. I just laughed. Tamaki ran over to me and super hugged me. "Oh I so happy now I have two Daughters!!" I looked around quizically. "Kyoya sighed. "He refers to this club as his family. You and Haruhi are his daughters the twins the cousins. And me the mother.." He sighed. I just laughed and smiled. "Well I'm happy to have you all as my family!" They sure are better than my real one. I sighed quietly. Mori patted my head. I looked up to him and smiled happily. Honey pulled me over to eat some cake. As we were eating everyone else came over. I looked up from my cake and looked at everyone. "What?" I asked. "Well beings your a girl you can't be a normal host so we need to figure out what your going to do.." Kyoya stated. "Thats easy! I can clean, make tea, food, and any other extra jobs! I'll be happy to do them!" They all looked at me shocked but agreed. "Okay then. Welcome to the Host club. This time as a girl." Tamaki smiled and held out his hand to shake. But I pushed it away and hug tackled him while laughing. "I'm glad to be a part of it!" Everyone smiled and I put my arms around the twins shoulders. Then I looked over at Haruhi. "Let's get to class shall we?" I said right before the bell rang.

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