The Best Kind Of Friends {Ouran High School Host Club}

When Hachiko Sasaki moves in with her Grandmother, after her rich parents sent her away, she attends Ouran. Where she then gets in debt to the host club while also being mistaken as a boy shortly after Haruhi. *read it to find out what happens next!*


1. Chapter 1

I sat back against my seat and watched as all the other passengers filed off the plane. Letting out a sigh I grabbed my carry on and walked off the plane to get my luggage.

It was wierd being back in Japan when it was just me and none of my family. But I knew I would enjoy this. I smiled as i saw my two suitcases come around the corner of the luggage circle. Pulling them off easily I rolled them away looking for a firmiliar face. Aha! Amongt the many faces I made out an old wrinkled man. Casually I walked over to him. When he spotted me his face lifted and a smile spread over his face. A smile spread over mine as well. "Oh Baadee. Still the same I see? Bringing smiles to everyones faces!" I laughed and hugged him. We talked on the way to the Limo. Baadee insisted he carry my bags but I shut him down each time saying 'Don't worry Baadee you do so much for me already' 

We drove for a few hours before Baadee woke me up. "Look out your left window Hachiko. That's where you'll be going to school." I instantly sweat dropped. You've got to be kidding me..My new school Eh well at least its nice. I sighed and flashed an excited smile at him. We continued driving and I stayed awake this time until we arrived home.

Grandmother's house was wonderful! Just pulling around the driveway I knew I loved this house already. First off it wasn't huge. It was a normal sized mansion. Which I just thought was lovely! As soon as the Limo stopped I threw open the door and jumped out, pulling my luggage behind me, ALL the way up the stairs. I open the door and walked inside. It was beautiful! Marble floors and chandeliers! I heard quick footsteps and peered over to a door way which was being occupied by a small figure. Running at the figure I scoped her up into a hug. "Grandmother." I breathed. "Hello Hachiko. I'm glad you're here." I looked down at her, "Me too Grandmother, me too..

We talked for several minutes before she announced I had to go enroll for school right now. I nodded and told her I just needed to change real fast. I was shot down by her saying there was 'no time' She pulled me into the limo i had just departed and we drove to school.Luckily school was less than and hour away from her house. I slowly drifted alseep....

"Hachiko. We're here." Grandmother called from outside the limo. I looked down at my clothes and laughed. Overly large nike sweatpants, and overly large gray sweatshirt and my wonderful messy, short, boyish, blonde hair. Giggiling I stepped out and followed grandmother. People were staring at me. Some girls were even blushing. I chuckled silently. Aha I knew it. They think I'm a boy huh? Well let's give'em a show then ey? I winked at the girls as we passed. My hands were shoved in my pant pockets as we entered the Chairmans office. "Ah you must be Hachiko Sasaki? Correcct?" He asked. I nodded not wanting to speak. "Great! Let me and your Grandmother fill out everything! You may explore this wonderful school!" I nodded again and slighty bowed. I closed the door behind me and looked around. 'Hmm where to?' Well whatever..I gave up thinking and just plopped my head phones in and listened to 'HEART VACANCY' by the wanted. Which i loved! I smiled and let the music lead me. I closed my eyes for a moment while walking and found myself infront of a classroom. MUSIC ROOM 3. "Music room eh? Well maybe theres a piano..." I pushed open the door and my mouth dropped open and i gasped as rose petals shot at me. Okay okay..more like gently blew past me. EXCEPT one fudging petal that decided it would be alright to wedge itself in my THROAT!! I sat there coughing and choking as this blonde boy spoke welcoming me to the host club. Seriously?! Couldn't he see me choking!!?!!? "Uh Tama-chan..I think he's..choking!!!" Yelled a tiny boy. At least someone noticed. "Oh dear!" He shouted finally taking notice. Luckily a large tall boy pushed past him and grabbed me. He did the heimlich*(spelling?) Manuver and I spit out the Rose petal and I gently fell to the ground. I glared at it and Stomped on it! Jumping in circles taking my anger out. I stopped jumping and stomped one foot on it and rubbed it into the fancy floor muttering things abouut muderous flowers. I finally looked up to see a group of greatly freaked out teen boys. "Eh." Was all I managed. I began to shrink back and run down the hallway but two pairs of hands shot out and dragged me into the room. They dropped me on a couch and I looked around. "Um. Hello!" I said cheerfully. They stared at me like I was crazy. "What?" I askedd confues. "Well..We almost killed you! Andd your being so nice!" It was the cute little boy that spoke up. "Oh. Do you like cake?" He asked. "Cake?" I looked at him questioningly and he just nodded cutely. "Well..yeah..I love cake!" I said with a wide smile. I felt everyones moods brighten a bit with that last comment. "Okay! I'll go get us some!" He giggled. "Oh I'm Mitsukuni Haninozuka! But you can call me Honey! And this is Takashi Morinozuka but we call him Mori!" He smiled at me brightly also pointing to the large boy that saved my life. "What's your name?" Before I could answer another voice did. "Hachiko Sasaki. Comes from the very rich Sasaki family, who own several music coperations, a large bussiness and a toy company. Not to mention a martial arts dojo. Private of course. And he is just enrolled. As of several minutes ago as i see. Haruhi, Kaoru, Hikaru, Hachiko is also in class 1-A." Another tall boy said. But this one had longer hair and glasses. How did he?...I stared in awe. "Um anyways I should be going.." I turned to Mori. "Thank you Mori-senpai for saving me. I am very grateful." I bowed and began to walk out the doors. But once again was pulled back in. "Not so fast Hachiko Sasaki." Glasses spoke again. Yeah I know I called him glasses. He was wearing them! "I'm afraid you owe us." "Wha-what? What are you talking about?" I said nervously while backing up. Bump! I spun around to see a vase crash on the ground and shatter. Damn it..." I sighed..,How much do I owe you." He laughed. "Even you couldn't pay the price of how much a life is worth." Oh he's talking about how they saved me. Fair enough.."Oh but t you still have to pay for the vase too." I sighed. "Fair enough." He laughed. "I'm Kyoya Ootori. This is Tamaki Souh" He said pointing to the blonde boy who smiled at me. I smiled back."This is Haruhi Fujioka and Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin." I smiled at the three but looked strangely at Kyoya. He looked back at me puzzled and asked, "Something wrong?" I looked at him then to Haruhi. Rubbing the back of my neck I said, "Uh..Why is Haruhi dressed as a Male student?" Everyone started to freak out. If you ask me It was awefully funny. They sttarted denying it and making it even more obvious. I just giggled. Tamaki walked over me and held out his hand to shake. "Well it seems you know our little clubs secret. So! It's settled you can repay your debt by joining the Host club!" He had a determined look in his eyes and I smiled happily. "Sure!" I shook his hand. "But..Whats a host club?" I asked questioningly and everyones Jaw dropped. Oops!


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