Cheater (Harry)

The Story with you and Hazza...


1. Cheater

Harry was invited to Taylor's house with her 'Boyfriend' for dinner once he came back from tour, while you stayed back in sweats and in messy bun watching F.r.i.e.n.d.s.
But instead of doing that Harry kept on insisting you on coming which you kept on denying till he gave them damn puppy eyes and you gave in.

"Babe come on we need to be there in ten" Harry rushes.

"Okay!" You exclaim slipping on your flats, after finishing up I walk downstairs to see Harry on his phone he looks up and smiles at me taking my hand and placing his soft lips on on mine.

"Haz" I giggle lightly, blushing he smiles before kissing my cheek, nose, forehead and lips.

"Your so Kissable Love" Harry chuckles wrapping his arms around your face, I smirk before kissing his neck earning a small moan.

"Oh no Harry were going to be late" I giggle before running out.

"Tease much?" I hear him chuckle as we drove to Miss. Swifts house, We stopped in front of a huge beautiful mansion just in front of the beach, Harry exits out of the car going to my side while I fiddle around with my thumbs nervously, Just then Harry opened the door on my side of the car smiling, and taking my hand.

"Come on Babe" Harry says as I slowly stand up.

"I-I'm a Little nervous Haz" I mumble, feeling nauseous.

"(Y/n) Kitten, don't worry I'm here I Love you, okay now lets get going babe" Harry replies, kissing your lips passionately and engulfing you into a hug, He wraps his arms around your waist as you both make it upstairs, Harry knocks on the door, when suddenly there was a loud thump which sounded as if someone fell, The door flung open revealing Taylor in a short black dress and make up slapped onto her face.

"Harry!!!- Oh and (Y/N)..." She exclaims but then her excitement went down when her eyes landed on me.

"Hi Taylor" We both say at the same time.

"Well come in" Taylor says with a half smile, Me and Harry walk in side by side this time entering the large flat then a brunette boy about Harry's age was sitting on the couch on his phone.

"Um Hello" Harry says to the boy.

"Hello you must be Taylor's friends" The boy says looking up from his phone smiling he stands up and shakes both of our hands Politely.

"My name is Harry and this is my Girlfriend (Y/n)" Harry answers smiling an gesturing to me.

"William but you can call me Will" He grins again but saying it directly to me.

"Will guys FOODS DONE!" Taylor exclaims, making me gasp from the sudden show up making Harry chuckles, as we enter the dinning room, The food has been set out and Taylor is there already placing food on her plate.

"Well eat up guys!" She exclaims, After eating we talk and laugh around the table.

"So how long have you two been together?" Will ask munching on his unfinished dinner.

"2 Years" Harry says in his cute husky British accent, grabbing my hand and grinning showing his adorable dimples.

"Cute" Taylor replies stiffly, We heard a loud ringing sound coming from the kitchen and Taylor smirks slightly."Hey Um Harry can you help with the chocolate cake please?" Taylor pouts.

"Sure" He says, glancing at you with a half smile, as they both walk away you begin a conversation with Will.

"So (Y/n)" William says getting up and walk towards you.

"Uh yes?" I question nervously

"How about we ditch the Blondie and Curly here and have fun time for our self" He ask leaning down in front of me giving me his stank breath.

"No you fool that is so Disrespectful of you to say get away from me" I snap standing up to go to Harry, Just then William pushes me onto the dinning table as he forces my legs around his hips leaning down on me

"Come on Baby" He mumbles into my ear groping my boob.

"You pervert stop! Harry-"I exclaim slapping his hand as hard as possible just the He cuts me off my slamming his lips onto mine making you gag in disgust, Just then you hear a loud Gasp and William pulls away while you sit up, You look up to see Harry with a broken look and Taylor with a smirk across her lips.

"Harry please it's not what it looks like-"

"You such a wh*re (Y/n)" Taylor says, walking up to you and slapping you in the face, You hold you stinging cheek and tears pour down my cheek.

"Haz Please believe me!" I cry out, as he shakes his head.

"You know what (Y/N) you are a wh*re I can't believe I dated a girl like you, You disgust me and you're just worthless to everyone, the boys excluding your family ya B*tch I Hate You Were over " I felt tears rushing down faster to my cheek there was no sympathy he didn't regret anything he said you break out into sobs and run out it was dark and freezing cold you deiced to walk to Niall's flat, Once you make it you knock softly and Niall opens the door and his smile drops.

"What are you doing here Your unwanted" Niall snaps at you .

"Who are you talking to Niall" I hear some exclaim

"The Queen B*tch" Niall spats staring at with hatred your heart broke, your best friend was saying this to you just then the rest of the boys came through the except Harry and they were all glaring at you.

"Why are you here" Zayn snaps

"You g-guys are against me t-t-to" I stutter feeling my mascara mess up from more tears.

"Harry called us, Now he's here" Louis answers, but not looking at you.

"Guy's please believe me it's not true"
"Stop lying you probably were just tricking us all so you can get his fame" Liam says glaring at me.

"L-Liam?" He just grunts and walks back inside 

"Guys?" They just sigh and walk in "Niall Please" I say reaching out to grab his arm but he just pulls back.

"Just Kill yourself..." Niall yells walking into the house slamming the door and turning the light switch off outside off, I drop onto my knee's slowly sobbing B*tch and Wh*ore great I stood up and walk back to me and Harry's flat I didn't want to stay I wanted to suffer I went to the bathroom and brought a Razor slowly sliding 7 total cuts on each wrist I didn't bother cleaning the blood I don't care anymore I walked downstairs and sat on the couch in tears, I'm stupid it's all my fault I then start breaking stuff and flipping the coffee table and break every single item in the house from te Living room to the Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom, when suddenly I stopped in the Living room eyeing a picture frame on the Fire place, it was were me and Harry were smiling with our hands entwined together it was our anniversary and he brought me to a festival in his home town, it was the best time of my life, I grab the photo and walk to the kitchen grabbing a lighter, Tears streaming down my cheek I slowly drop the photo into he garbage can and light the lighter.

"So much for a waist of 2 years Hazza" I drop the lighter into the bin and watch it burn the photo, I grab my phone, Clothes and purse walking out I ripped all me and Harry's pictures, I look outside and see my car parked next to Harry's old space, I get into my car and drive, I'm leaving forever...

4 Months

~Harry's P.O.V~
I haven't seen (Y/n) for awhile now I haven't been to the flat yet cause she might be there, I've been thinking about her a lot though but the boys say just to leave it alone, Taylor has been trying to get back together, but I was to broken to move on just yet, Just then the flat's phone rang and Louis picked up, I slowly walked to the door and placed my ear to it seeing who it may be.



"Um this actually his friend Louis Tomlinson..."



"Taylor WAS-....PAID....-OKAY!.." I heard a loud muffle voice say from the phone (Okay so basically if your wondering how he heard that Louis pressed pressed the Speaker phone so he can hear clearly.)

"Is this some kind of joke?!" Louis says nervously


"Well YOU JERK YOU BROKE THIS RELATIONSHIP FOR SOME 20 DOLLAR BILL YOUR IN IDIOT BYE!" Louis shouts into the phone hanging up, I walk down stairs and see Louis with his hands stuffed in his face.

"Louis what's going on"

"Taylor paid that 'William' guy to mess up (Y/n)'s and your relationship" Louis grunted not looking up.

"N-No" Me and Louis turn around to see Niall and the others behind him "I-I told her to kill herself, I'm a monster" Niall breaks into  sobs as Liam rubs his back trying the conformt Niall.

"We all did" Liam says making us exchange looks.  "We all should apologize" Liam adds, sighing as Niall begins to calm down.

"Your right let's go guys" Louis mumbles, walking out and grabbing his car keys we all get into the car and drive off to me and (Y/n)'s house thinking about all the things I said, I sighed ruffling my curls as we make it back to our flat, Louis parks his car in front of me and (Y/n)'s house but I notice that (Y/n)'s  car isn't here but just brushed it off and we all walk to the door as I was about to Knock the door crept open revealing a huge mess and the smell of smoke.

"(Y/N)?!?" I exclaim, No answer?

"Spread out guys" Zayn says, looking around the house for (Y/n), as I enter the kitchen the garbage bin had Grey smoke coming out of it,  I slowly look over to  see a picture frame, I carefully pick the picture up trying hard not to get burned it was the picture of me and (Y/N) on our first anniversary it was burnt I gasped and dropped the picture!

"Have you guys found her" I ask slightly scared.

"I-I saw blood and a R-Razor in the Bathroom" Niall stutters, biting his lip and looking down, causing more tears to drift down his cheek.

"Oh my" Liam sighs, rubbing his temple and sitting down on the messy couch.

"She probably slept at a motel or friends house" Zayn asked glancing at me.

"She has no like, family or close close friend here!?" I exclaim, Panicking more!

"Motel" Niall ask shrugging, we all nod and drive to the closes Motel, Were a young lady was doing paper work on the computer.

"Excuse me?" Louis questions, looking over at the Young Lady, I glance at her name Weather? the heck...Anyway the Girl name weather looks up and her eyes go wide in shock.

"OH M GEE YOUR LOUIS FRIGGEN TOMLINSON FROM ONE DIRECTION" She Fan girls, Directly to Louis when she figures out that all of us were here she fangirled even more.

"Um Okay well do you know were a girl with (Y/C/H) hair and she had (Y/C/E) eyes and she was wearing a black dress with white Polka dot's" I ask, biting my lip.

"Oh are you talking about (Y/n) your girlfriend?"


"You don't know?" She questions, Taking her phone out.

"What?" Niall ask, I look over and Liam to see him on his phone as well.

"Oh my look at (Y/n)'s twitter" Liam exclaims passing me his phone, I look down to see her last recent tweet from 4 months ago.

"Begin Accused by people you know just sucks, But begin Accused by the boy you love hurts pretty badly Xx..." I'm such a Jackass I sobbed, passing back Liam's phone.

"Wait it says, it was posted in Florida?" Liam says slowly, examining his phone.

"America"  Zayn ask.

"Yup" Louis chimes in crossing his arms.

"Were going to America!" I said, we thanked the girl and gave her an Autograph and a Picture and left we packed and brought food (For Niall) and headed off it took 12 hours to get to Florida and we began searching then I though of (Y/N)'s parents house and we went off to her childhood house.

"I never met (Y/n)'s parents" Niall grumbles straightening the collar of his Polo.

"It's fine were just going to try and get her back." I sigh, fixing my curls I took a deep breath and knocked on the wooden door, Just then (Y/n)'s mom opened the door.

"Hello Mrs. (Y/L/N)"

"Oh hello Harry Um what are you doing here" (Y/N)'s mom says nervously.

"Is uh (Y/n) here by any chance?"

"Upstairs" (Y/n)'s mom says opening up the door for all of us.

"Well be downstairs You need to talk to her though" Liam says, as they enter the living room and I stay at the same spot staring at the stair case I sighed before walking up the stairs to see (Y/N)'s old room I slowly opened the door to see her laying on her bed with her headphones on and her eyes closed, I bit my bottom lip I slowly walk by her side not trying to make any sound once I was next to her bed I stared down at her plumed lips and slowly lent down placing my lips on her, Her eyes fly open in shock and she pushes me off and takes her headphones off as well.

"WHAT THE HELL STYLES WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!" (Y/n) shouts standing up and glaring at me.

"I want you Back" I state, sighing while crossing my arms.

"You want me back seriously Harry did you realize finally it was a set up you deiced to Listen to Taylor and ruin a perfectly good relationship but no.." (Y/n) states, glaring at me still.

"I'm sorry I'm stupid and I hate myself William called and said Taylor paid him, I'm sorry your not a Wh*re or a B*tch I'm truly sorry Babe." I sighed wrapping my arms around her waist, She just looked down shaking her head.

"Y-You hurt me Haz.." I hear her voice say, as it becomes softer.

"I Know, I hurt you I'm sorry I'm so so so sorry I'll do anything to get you back I Love you (Y/n) on the day we went to Taylor's house I thought I was going to be able to give you this but when I saw you with William I thought you  didn't feel the same anymore but I want to try again but not as girlfriend and Boyfriend but..." I bent down, and slid the small black box out of my pocket revealing the small diamond ring. "as my Wife...Will you be mine?" I say with a small smile.

"Harry..." She says covering her mouth as tears poured down her cheek she nods her head as she wiped some tears away and bit her bottom lip "Yes, I love you so much Haz even though you were a jerk.." She sniffles chuckling slightly.

"I Love you, (Y/n)" I say smiling happily as I placed a passionate kiss on my lips.

The boys Apologized and you became really close friends with them again, You got married 7 months later, 6 months after the wedding you got pregnant with a girl and named her Darcy Styles, Taylor became a lonely cat lover(No hate ^-^) ... and you Lived Happily ever after with Darcy and your Husband Harry..Congrats Mrs.Styles... (BTW You're Preganant WITH ANOTHER STYLES! except its a... BOY!)



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