1+1=3 (A Niall fanfic)

Niall and Erin were more than best friends when Erin became pregnant . This is a Niall fan fiction that is totally my own making so keep rude comments out.


1. Emilee Aubrey Horan

I haven't seen him in two years , he doesn't know about Emilee. She is two years old and an adorable little girl. She doesn't even know who her dad is. Then I heard her crying from next door. My beautiful daughter was sitting up clutching her pillow in tears

"Mummy I want you " "where are you mummy?" Emilee cried out. "I'm right here baby. Come sleep with mummy . It's alright baby come on"I told her.

When we got to my bed she asked me "Mummy can you tell me abowt daddy and whewre you met him? " I told her "Yes baby." I thought to myself should I tell her that her dad is famous?

"Once upon a time there was a girl named Erin Payne and a boy named Niall Horan they started as best friends but it as it turned out they were in love , for the loved each other" " Mommy is that you and daddy?" Emilee asked "Yes baby , can I keep going , Niall and Erin met in middle school and became best friends. "

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