A Fake 1D

Selena always wanted to be in the popular crowd but when she tries to fit in she finds out that the only way she can do that is find some sort of celebrity that will come to the middle semester prom and get them to somehow gets them to notice the already popular group . But what happens when she hires a fake 1D?


4. Proposal

'Hey Selena, could I talk to you for a bit um in private'


We went over to a corner and I thought about what I was going to tell her

'Well you see.....um.....would you like to be my.. girlfriend?

'Sure OMG!!!!'

'You know I actually like you a lot too but I didn't think you would like me too.

'Well lets announce it after the prom when I'm Sam and not Niall'

'Why not'

She flashes me a smile and waves goodbye.


Sorry this is a really short chapter but I wanted to save the prom for next chapter.

Tell me what you think so far


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