Payne Brings Pain: On Hold

Hi my name is Demi Lovato. My parents died 8months ago and I live with my brother,Brian Lovato, and cousin, Niall Horan. One day I was walking home and my friend Harry Styles was knocked out and I was taken. I soon found out it was someone who I use to know. -Read to find out what happens next and who took Demi.-


21. Chapter 20

Demi's P.O.V.

" I think I really like Liam." I confessed to the girls.

"Wha-what do you mean. Aren't you in a "relationship" with Jason?" Per asked.

"I-I don't know. It just sorta happened. I saw him on that stage and he was handsome. He had an angelic voice. He changed his look. I love that look. He is just- oh. You know what. I'm not going to think of boys. Girl time." I said.

Their eyes got big but they nodded. I smiled and we turned on Paranormal Activity. I got a tiny bit scared but my mind was else where. I stared blankly at the screen thinking as El and Per hid behind me. They were screaming as I tilted my head side ways. Still thinking. Thinking if Liam, Sammy, and Jason. I closed my eyes and re-opened them. I looked at the screen and stopped my thinking. Why are they screaming it's not even that- never mind. My eyes got wide. I closed them again and opened. I looked at my friends and giggled as it ended. They looked at me like I was crazy.

"You used to be scared of that. What's wrong?" Per asked.

"Nothing just thinking." I said. I looked at the time and heard drunk voices. Wow they've been gone for two hours and are already drunk. I rolled my eyes and got up. I only saw one sober one. Liam. I smirked at my dorky drunk friends.

"Hello love. I need a spot of tea." Lou slurred making fun of his English accent.

I giggled and took them to my bed. They all climbed in and started to make stupid jokes and laugh at theirselves. I giggled and walked up front. Zayn followed me.

"Where's my Per?" He asked.

I took him to her.

"Baby. How have you been? I

missed you." He slurred.

She giggled and took him to my bed. El walked back there and I followed. Per and Zayn were snuggling. El climbed in and cuddled Lou. I wish I had someone. I sighed and turned I walked into the living room. I grabbed my phone. I texted Jason and said we don't have to pretend anymore. I sighed and put my phone on charge. I grabbed my red nail polish. I painted my finger and toe nails. I waited for them to dry. I grabbed clear nail polish that says it will make it last longer. I waited on that to dry. Then I got clear nail polish that has purple and blue sparkles in it. I painted that on. I finished and let it dry. I laid down on the couch and closed my eyes. I opened them again and got up. I took the cushions off and took out the sleeper bed. (If you don't know what this is it's the bed thing inside a couch.). I put a cover on the mattress. Then I grabbed another and laid down. I covered myself up and turned on the tv and closed my eyes. I turned out the lights and laid back down. I closed my eyes. I felt the mattress shift. I felt two strong arms wrap around me from behind. My breath caught in my throat. Liam. I can't deal with this right now.

"There is no room in the bed." He whispered in my ear.

"O-okay." I stuttered.

I turned and he smirked at my facial expression. I gulped and looked down. I could feel the heat rise. I moved side ways away from him. I turned on my side and laid my head on my pillow. I closed my eyes and felt hands ease there way on my hips. I hit his hands. He still placed them on my hips. He pulled me to him. He put me as close as possible and wrapped his arms around my waist. I struggled and hit his hands. He still didn't let go. I sighed and gave in.

"Do you miss the feel if my touch on your skin?" He asked in a whisper.

He lifted my shirt right under my boobs. He ran his fingers lightly down my side.

"Cause I sure miss yours." He said. His other hand went to my back. He lightly rubbed it. I think he has a little alcohol in his system. I opened my mouth to say stop but no words came out. So I just closed my mouth. He played with my shirt. He ran his fingers lightly down my side again. I closed my eyes. He rubbed my back. That hand traveled to the front of me. He laid it on my stomach. He put his hand on my shirt. I smacked his hand away. He chuckled and turned me around. I still had my eyes closed. He kissed my cheek and smiled. I smiled back and bit my tongue. He looked into my now opened eyes and kissed my nose. He pulled back and brought me closer. My chest was pressed to his. He smiled and kissed my cheek then buried his head into my shoulder. He rubbed my back gently. He took his hands to the small of my back. I gulped and took my hands to his to hair. He kissed my neck gently. That's when I hit his head. He laughed and rested his head above mine. I lightly and hesitantly kissed his neck. He groaned in frustration. He pulled back to where I was looking into his eyes. He shook his head and grinned. He kissed my cheek. I saw what he was fixing to do. I pecked his lips and turned around. He didn't move for a moment. He took me by the waist again. He turned me and I closed my eyes. I heard him groan and kiss my lips. He stayed there for a moment. I kissed back and put my hands on his cheeks. His lips feel so exotic. This kiss is so ecstatic. He pulled me back to where I was when he first laid down. He put his hands on my hips. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He sat up pulling me with him never breaking the kiss. I sat on his lap. I pushed him down with me on top. I put my legs by his sides straddling him. He smirked still kissing me. I kissed him harder. He seemed surprised and stopped smirking. I pulled back for a second to look into his eyes. He smiled at me. I smiled back. He put his hands on the nape of my neck. He brought my head down. He reconnected our lips. They moved in sync. He kissed my lips harder. I kissed back with the same force. He moved his hands through my hair. I turned my head and brought my hands to his neck. He put his back on my back. He suck my bottom lip. I parted my to moan. His tongue slithered into my mouth. His tongue explored my mouth. I smiled. He turned his head a little. I turned mine the other way. Our tongues danced then fought. Of course he won. I giggled. Wow I haven't giggle like that in a long time. I pulled back bringing his bottom lip with me. He moaned and I giggled. I brought my hand to his cheek gently stroking it. He seemed to be mesmerized by my eyes. I looked into his eyes and smiled. I got off him and laid on my side away from him as I did before that little session. He groaned again and I giggled. He pulled me back to his chest. He turned me to look at him.

"I've wanted to kiss you since I saw you in that stage." He whispered directly into my right ear.

He gently nibbled my earlobe making me giggle. He chuckled and pecked my lips. I smiled and laid my head on his chest. What am I doing? What happened to just ignoring him? All these thoughts stopped when I heard him gently snoring. I sighed and got up. He groaned and moved around. I sat on the recliner and let it out. I put the top back and grabbed the blanket. I sighed and fell asleep.

Liam's P.O.V

I woke and didn't feel Demi beside me. I looked around the room and my eyes landed on the recliner. I sighed and got up. I picked her up and brought her to the sleeper bed. I laid her down and she was mumbling something. Something about James. I sighed and laid with her. She curled into a ball and soon shook. I pulled her over to me. She put her hands on my chest gripping my shirt. I rubbed her back soothing her. She calmed down and her breathing went back to normal. She put one hand on my chest and the other intertwined our fingers. I put my arm around her. She let go if my hand and buried her head into my chest. I wrapped both my arms around her and pulled her on top of me. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I kissed her head and she groaned something.

"El...I can't tell him... Because he won't feel the same way... How would you know?... Exactly you don't... I can't say I love him... Just shut up!" She screamed the last part. Who does she love? Is it me? Is it Jason? Is it some other celebrity? Is it Justin? All these thoughts ran through my head. It probably isn't me.

"I’m gonna love you like I’ve never been broken

I’m gonna say it like it’s never been spoken

Tonight, tonight I’m letting go, go, go, go

I’m gonna give it like it’s never been taken

I’m gonna fall like I don’t need saving

Tonight, tonight I’m letting go, go, go" she sang sleepily.

I sighed and hugged her before falling asleep myself.

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