Payne Brings Pain: On Hold

Hi my name is Demi Lovato. My parents died 8months ago and I live with my brother,Brian Lovato, and cousin, Niall Horan. One day I was walking home and my friend Harry Styles was knocked out and I was taken. I soon found out it was someone who I use to know. -Read to find out what happens next and who took Demi.-


10. Chapter 10

Demi's P.O.V.

"Awe! They look so cute" 
"Shut up you'll wake them Harry. Plus who is he?" 
"Stop acting like that"
"Shut up you two!" 
"Shut up all if you!" I screamed
I heard a bunch of screams. I opened my eyes and saw Niall, Harry, Louis, and Eleanor. I rolled my eyes and looked up. I saw Jason looking confused. 
"Jason, this is Niall, Harry, Louis, and Eleanor. This is Jason, Emily, and Sammy." I explained as they all shook hands. 
I looked at them. 
"Is there a reason you woke me?" I asked annoyed. 
"Your parents are here." El said. 
It was the next day. Shiznit. 
"I jumped up and grabbed a pair of jeans and a black crop top. I ran to the bathroom and dressed. I did my hair and make up. I put on a little concealer light pink blush and pink lipgloss. I smiled at myself and walked out. Jason looked at me and smiled. He was the only one still in my room. I smiled and blush as he looked me up and down. 
"You look beautiful, Demi" He said and kissed my cheek. 
I blushed and smiled at him. He smiled back and looked at my curled hair. He put a curl on his finger and spun it around. 
"I-I-I have t-to g-go," I took a breath,"I have to go meet my parents." I said and looked at him. 
He was smirking knowing his affect on me. 
"You know you are really beautiful." He said looking be in both eyes. 
His eyes said he was saying his opinion. 
"Thank you." I said smiling. 
He smiled back and bit his lip. I smiled and blushed. I turned and walked down the stairs. I saw my parents. 
"Hi sweetie. You look beautiful." I'm guessing my mom said. 
I smiled and looked at her. She was beautiful. She can't be my mother. She's way prettier. 
"Hi. You know who I am. May I know y'all's names?" I asked. 
"I'm Dianna and this Patrick. We are very pleased to meet you Demetria." My mom said. 
"Please don't call me Demetria. Call me Demi or Dem" I asked. 
She nodded. I smiled and she smiled back. 
"So who's the cutie upstairs?" She asked with a smirk. 
"Mom, shhh! Please." I squealed. 
"So you think he's cute?" My dad asked looking at the stairs. 
I blushed and look at Emily. She had a smirk on her face and was trying to hold back a giggle. I shook my head. 
"No dad. I just have a thing for brown eyes. Plus I'm sorta not ready to date." I shrugged. 
"I've seen you videos. Trust me we know sweet heart." Mom said. 
I nodded and looked down. She wrapped her arms around me and brought me into a hug. 
"I'm so sorry baby." She said. 
Jason came down smiling. His smile dropped when he saw me fixing to cry. He furrowed his eyebrows together. He walked over to me and looked at me with a sympathetic smile. 
"Hey, hey, hey. What's wrong?" He asked and I let go of my mom and smiled at him. 
"Nothing they just brought up Liam. It's fine." I said. 
He smiled and nodded. 
"I know your lying. So please tell me the truth?" He asked. 
I sighed and nodded. I grabbed his hand and pulled him out the door. 
"I can't do it I just can't." I said all of this sudden and started to cry. 
"Shh." He said and pulled me into a hug. 
"I just can't. Everywhere I see people they stare. They ask about my boyfriend. If I'm ready to have a boyfriend. And it's horrible. I see couples all lovey dovey and it breaks my heart cause he broke mine. It just hurts. So much." I said into his shirt. 
He rubbed circles calming me. I just cried as he held me. 
"You never really can fix my heart." I said. 
He hugged me tighter and let go. 
"You know this Liam dude is really stupid. You want to know why." I nodded,"He let go one of the most beautiful girls in this world. I know your story and what you used to do thanks to Em. You are beautiful no matter what they say." He said making me blush a red. 
He smiled and I hugged him. He hugged back. I pulled back and looked at the window. I saw all of my family and friends at the window looking out smiling. Jason,all this sudden, got wide eyes. They got wide eyes looking behind me. Jason pushed me behind him and faced the one and only Mason Rags. He hit Jason in the side of the head with something. He came towards me and raised it. I had and image flash through my head. I bowed my head and raised my hands like I did in the image. I kicked my leg out and hit him in the crouch. It's the best place to aim with a dude. I'm just saying. He fell to the ground and I picked up the object. I hit him in multiple places with the heavy object. 
"Liam said happy birthday." Mason said before this. 
"Goodnight Mason." I said and hit him in the head with the object. 
I turned to Jason and ran over. I picked up his head. 
"I'm so sorry." I said. 
"It's fine. It was sorta hot what you did." He said with a smile. 
I giggled and helped him up. He knows how to lighten a mood. I smiled and helped him up. He smiled and walked into the house. I looked and Mason and saw him moving. I walked over and picked him up by the shirt. 
"Why are you here?" I spit in his face while saying it. 
"I told you. Liam said happy birthday. I love you and misses you. Love you. Were his words not my sweet cheeks." He said. 
I helped him up and pulled him to Liam's house. I knocked on the door and it swung open.
"Next time you send someone. Send someone I actually like. Bye see you in 2000 never." I said and pushed Mason. 
He stumbled in and hit the floor. Liam was in pure shock. I walked off to my house. I walked in and saw everyone talking. I smiled. I was walking and tripped on something and hit my head on the side of the table. I groaned and touched my head. I pulled my hand down and saw blood. I then got all these images. I started to cry when I saw a man hit me. It wasn't Patrick, but I called him father. His name came into my mind. James. I cried harder when I saw him hit my mom in the face. I got up and wiped my tears. I walked into the living area. 
"Why are you lying?" I asked and looked at my mom. 
"What?" She asked. 
"Why are you lying about my real father. James. This man was not the last man I saw 5 years ago. Why?" I asked. 
"He's in prison." She whispered. 
"Why did you say Patrick was you father?" I asked. 
"I didn't want you to remember him." She said looking down. 
I nodded as another image came. Him taking another swing if a beer bottle. I saw lyrics. I grabbed a piece if paper on the coffee table and a pen. I began to write down the lyrics. When I was done I opened my eyes and grabbed a guitar. For some reason I feel like I've played it before. 
For the love a daughter
"Four years old with my back to the door
All I could hear was the family war
Your selfish hands always expecting more
Am I your child or just a charity award?
You have a hollowed out heart
But it's heavy in your chest
I try so hard to fight it but it's hopeless
Hopeless, you're hopeless
Oh, father, please, father
I'd love to leave you alone
But I can't let you go
Oh, father, please, father
Put the bottle down
For the love of a daughter
It's been five years since we've spoken last
And you can't take back
What we never had
Oh, I can be manipulated
Only so many times,
Before even "I love you"
Starts to sound like a lie
You have a hollowed out heart
But it's heavy in your chest
I try so hard to fight it but it's hopeless
Hopeless, you're hopeless
Oh, father, please, father
I'd love to leave you alone
But I can't let you go
Oh, father, please, father
Put the bottle down
For the love of a daughter
Don't you remember I'm your baby girl?
How could you push me out of your world,
Lied to your flesh and your blood,
Put your hands on the ones that you swore you loved?
Don't you remember I'm your baby girl?
How could you throw me right out of your world?
So young when the pain had begun
Now forever afraid of being loved
Oh, father, please, father
I'd love to leave you alone
But I can't let you go
Oh, father, please, father
Oh, father, please, father
Put the bottle down
For the love of a daughter
For the love of a daughter" I sang not taking notice in anyone in front of me.
It felt good to sing it. I looked and saw everyone looking at me. 
"How do you remember?" My mother asked.
I felt my head and felt dry blood. I poked where it came from and more blood came out. 
"Because of this." I said and grabbed a rag. 
I put it one my head and walked to the sink. I wetted the rag and held it to my head. They all nodded. I smiled and sat next to Jason. 
"Mom Patrick, can I go to California with y'all?"I asked.
She nodded and I looked at my old friends shocked faces. I sighed and laid back onto the couch cushion. I felt Jason lay back too so I put my head on his chest as he petted my hair. I closed my eyes. And just laid there. The rest of the day Jason had gone home and my parents went to their hotel. I spent most of my time with my friend. And only them for the last week of me leaving. 

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