Tempted - Niall Horan Fanfic

There's just something about that boy that drives me crazy...


13. what the literal fuck.


*Niall's POV*

I woke up to a knock on the door, i quickly got dressed and ran downstairs to open the door. "Umm, do you think they're having another intimate moment? I think we should go." I recognized Liam's voice. 

I quickly opened the door and stepped outside. "Hey, guys. What are you doing here?" I whispered. I tried not blushing but i couldn't help but recall what Olivia and I had done this morning. 

 "Um, we wanted to hang out." Zayn says. Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn had came to hang out, with me. Today. Out of all days they had to pick this one. 

Olivia opens the door with a confused face, "Hey, i heard a knock, what are yo-" I turned to Olivia and quickly covered her body. She was in nothing but panties. Not even a bra.

"Oh. My. God." was all that i could choke out before Olivia pretty much bolted back inside.

"umm, we better go now.." Liam spoke up.

The rest of the boys nodded in agreement and soon enough i was standing in the hallway all alone. wow .

I made my way back through the door, carefully trying to sneak up behind Olivia. When she didn't budge i pounced myself on her. I loud scream was heard coming out of Olivia's mouth.

"Sorry, babe. Did i scare ya?" I teased.

"YES! Why didn't you tell me they were here?! You know how embarrassing that it?!" She yelled out of anger.

"im sorry, it wasn't my fault." I defend,

"Whatever, what are we doing today?" She asked.


"What?! No!"

"Olivia, im sorry but you do this all the time!" I yell. "Im done!" I storm out of the room with nothing but boxers on.

Who the fuck does she think she is?!

*author's note*

hey guys (: how was your weekend? mine was wonderful! im ending this fanfic a little quicker than intended but that's because im moving on to wattpad! @_stylinsonwhuut <<< im currently writing a fanfic but i need feed back on whether or not i should post it. if you guys want to read it make sure to kik me >> _ayyitsfatiima (: or follow me on twitter ; @_ayefatima or even instagram ; @fxtimahoran <3 i love you all for reading and i know this chapter is really short & im sorry. i tried, i really did but i've been busy & im very forgetful. leave comments please! ilyasm <3

- fatima :) xx

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