Tempted - Niall Horan Fanfic

There's just something about that boy that drives me crazy...


7. I Love You


*Olivia's POV*

I felt bad for talking to my  mom that way but i was mad. She lied to me after promising she was never going to lie to me again.

I locked myself in my room, i didn't like crying. My eyes gave out and, will you look at that, im crying.. 

How could NIall do this to me? How could my own Mother lie to me like that? I got up changed and ran out. Luckily i still had my car keys, seemed like my mom never came in my room. 

I hopped in and drove to Harry's place. It was only 7:00 pm. He should be home right now. I wanted to know where Niall lived. Harry should know.

I got to Harry's house at 8:00 because i kept debating with myself over the fact if i was ready to talk or even face Niall.

I got out but Harry was outside in his garage with Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. Niall was laughing. What the fuck was this? He wasn't even concerned about me? What a dick.

Just keep your chin up, head high, and smile. I kept telling myself this until i was right in front of Harry. I squinted, did he get a tattoo on his arm? 

"Hey Olivia!" Niall had been looking away but when Harry said my name he looked up with a shocked look on his face. He looked like he'd seen a ghost. He soon composed his expression, back to the old tense face.

"Are you drunk?" His breath smelled of Vodka. What the hell? Did they put him up to this? The Harry i know was never like this.

"Just a little." He leaned in and almost kissed me but Niall got in the way. "Hey man, easy. You're a little too drunk." Niall said. 

"You. I need to talk to you. Now." I motioned him to my car. No was i wasn't going anywhere with him. I was going to talk to him and leave. I needed to know what he was up to.

He let me speak first. "What did you do with Harry."

"What do you mean?" His face was tense. He was waiting for me to talk to him about what happened. Oh, it was coming all right. 

"Harry would never do that. Plus he got a tattoo?!"

"His choice. Look, i really do care about him. Miranda dumped him last night. He called all of us tonight so he can get his mind off things. His resolution was to get drunk."

Miranda was Harry's girlfriend, in my opinion i thought she was a total bitch. I don't know what Harry saw in her. She was a horrible girlfriend. "You want to kill me. Do it now."

"What? I don't want to kill you. I looked for you for 3 months. Every time i would get a lead on you 2 Scott would relocate. One day he told me that you were dead and i believed him."

"You're lying. Scott told me about you. About what happened. You're trying to kill me. You could have done it whenever i was with you. Why didn't you?"

"I don't want to kill you. Scott is lying."

"How do i know you're not lying to me? You've done it before, haven't you?"

He sighed and brushed his hands over his face. "Look, let's go somewhere more private."

"No. Im good, right here is fine." I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Fine." He threw his arms up.

"The truth, now. Why do you want to kill me?"

"Like i said, I don't want to kill you." He clenched his fists.

"Then tell me the truth."

"Im getting to that." He squinted his eyes at me. "I knew your dad. I was with him when he died. Don't give me that look, i'm not proud of it. He told me to take care of you whenever you needed it. So i knew of you were living here with your mom and so i moved here. I never knew you were so good looking." 

He gave me a crooked smile but all i did was glare at him. "Continue." was all i said.

He nodded, "Scott and his people are the same people im supposed to keep away from you but i failed. I didn't know he was dating Juliet or that he even went to the school. That night at the bonfire he made sure i didn't see him. Bastard. When I took you to the lighthouse to tell you the truth he followed us. That's when he decided to take Juliet out for a party. He took her to the lighthouse and tied her up. I never thought he would....rape her. He let me go once he had you. I ran away trying to find other people your dad hired to take care of you. They were all dead. I went back to the lighthouse but you weren't there."

For the first time since he started speaking he looked me right in the eye. "Olivia, i never stopped looking for you. I kept feeling hopeless but i never gave up. Scott called me twice and put me on speaker behind the door of the room you were in. I heard Juliet cry and scream and you screaming because that son of a bitch was beating you. One day he called and said you were dead. And of course i believed him."

That shut me up. I walked away but responded. "What does my dad have anything to do with this?"

I stopped and turned around.

"He killed Scott's parents. They were trying to kill you and your mom so he killed them himself. Scott thinks it was me who killed his parents which is why he wants to kill me and you? He wants to kill you because he knows you mean a lot to me." His eyes met mine again.

"Where is Scott now?"

"He's locked up, i found him and tortured him for a bit but then i turned him into the authorities. Along with the other 2. Don't worry, it's all fine now. Just be careful. I'll always be around but i believe you are capable of defending yourself. After all, you did escape. Which is why i was shocked when i saw you."

"Thank you." I got my keys out of my pocket and turned toward my car but he blocked the door. "Um, Niall? You're blocking the door." I looked up and Niall looking down at me. I promised myself not to fall for him this time. He may have told me the truth but I still couldn't trust him. 

"Mhm." I leaned him and kissed me. First softly and then with more passion, wrapping his hands around my waist. His tongue touched my lip, asking for permission. I parted my lips and the kiss only intensified.

And then Louis had to open his big mouth. "Oooooh! Go Niall!" Followed by Harry, Zayn and Liam. We kept kissing but i raised my hand and gave them the finger. 

Niall saw and smiled into the kiss. We kept it going for about 5 minutes and then I had to pull away to catch my breath. He pressed his forehead to mine and whispered. "I love you."

I was surprised but somehow i knew i loved him to, no matter how many times i denied it. 

I was in love with Niall Horan.

"I love you too." I whispered and pulled him in for another kiss.

"Hey, lad. I know you two love each other and i think that's totally adorable but Miranda is here. I'll take Harry inside but you guys need to take care of the Wicked Witch of The West." Liam. Always the sensible one. So adorable.

"Got it." I nodded and headed toward Miranda. Niall caught my wrist and gave me a questionable look. "What are you going to do?" He asked.

"Show that bitch that Harry always deserved better and to fuck off before i beat the shit out of her. I never liked her. She's a total bitch."

He smirked but let me go. "Go get her tiger." 

I walked over to Miranda and slapped her in the face. Her eyes went wide. "What the fuck was that for? Little bitch you don't know who i am."

"Hoe, that was an empty threat." I punched her this time. "Now im going to say this once, fuck off." She was mad, like really mad.

"I came to see Harry not your flat ass."

"I'd rather be flat than be a hoe ass bitch who hurts people. Especially Harry. He is a great guy and deserves better than you. Leave him alone. He's better off without you."

"Aww, you have a crush on him don't you?"

"He's like a brother to me. Now leave."

"No." Something or someone caught her attention. Niall. "Who is this?"

"Im Niall. You must be Miranda?"

"Hottie knows my name." She looked back at me. 

"Who doesnt, all hoes have connections. Don't they?" Niall laughed.

"Oh by the way, that's my girlfriend." Niall pointed at me. That boy. He smirked and I walked towards him.

"If you ever get bored, you can always just call me." She winked at him and passed him her  'Business card'. Was she seriously doing this? In front of me?

Niall took the card and crumpled it up. "Not likely." He looked at me and smiled. I stood on tip toes and kissed him.

"Yuck. Your loss." She walked away in disappointment. 

I kissed Niall again and we walked to my car. "I'm going home. I sort of walked out on my mom. She's probably freaking." I kissed him and hopped in. 

He hopped onto the passenger seat. "Im going with."

"No. My mom would totally have a heart attack."

He gave me his goofy smile, "I can climb the tree by the window."

"How do you-?" Of course, he mentioned he had people spying on  Juliet and I. God. He was just too good to be true. "Fair enough."

"We don't have to do anything, you know."

"I know. That's why i love you"

"I love you." He kissed me.




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