Jane Styles (Direction Daddies book 2)

Harry has a kid. He finds out two years after Niall finds out he has Aryia. Jane is two months older than Aryia. But they are Bffs. And what is Jane's specail talent? None other than singing. Some people ven say she's a chip off the ol' block. But one thimg is for certain: she's not jut another Jane Doe.


1. One


"ARYIA! WHAT DID YOU DO WITH EMMY?" I yelled. She took my Emmy.

"I didn't touch your stupid doll!" She yelled back. I saw her walk into the kitchen. I walked into it too, wondering what Aryia was doing.

"Harry, whats for dinner?" She asked, looking at my daddy.

"Yeah, daddy! Whats for dinner?" I asked. I looked up, my big green hopeful. 

"Well, I intend on going to Nandos with your mom, you, Airriana, Niall, and Aryia. Liam and Louis are going to have a Toy Story marathon and Zayn is with Perrie. Oh, and tomorrow Gracie is coming over." He said. Uncle Niall walked into the room.

"Did I hear Nandos and Niall in the same sentence?" He asked. Oh, and incase you didn't know, Zayn and Perrie had a two year old child named Gracie, and Aryia nad I are eight. 

Dad rolled his eyes. "Yeah, and about four other names." He said. I smiled.

"Don't care! Me, my wife, and my daughter are going to NANDOS!" Uncle Niall yelled, running. Aryia started laughing, following her dad.

"Sooo... my birthday's coming up!" I said, sitting at the island counter. 

"Where is this going...?"  Dad asked. He looked vey suspicious. 

"What am I getting?" I asked, Leaning forward. My eyes were very hopeful. I smiled brightly. He smiled back, but I could tell that sarcasm was in order.

"What are you getting? Let's see... how about... wait and see." He answered. My face dropped. Just then, uncle Louis walked in.

"Why the long face, ms. Horse?" He asked me. I couldn't help but smile. 

"Oh, nothing Mr. Goat." I replied.

"Hey! Why am I goat?" He asked. He looked baffled.

"Ummm... its better tham Mr. Pig?" I asked. He smiled, and so did I.

"I have to watch Toy Story by myself. Liam has a date with Crystal." He said.

"Ugh. On/off relationships." I said, rolling my eyes. That made all of us laugh. 

"Hey, missy, coat on." Dad said, as Niall and Aryia appeared by the front door.

"Fine." I said,  grumpily. I trudged over to the door. I slipped my coat on, then put my baret on.

While we were in the car, we talked.

"Okay, talent game. Tell talent, then if able, give sample." Dad said. He started.

"Okay, singing! But you've already heard me. No need to hear me again." He said. A smile cracked on my face.

"Mine is eating!" Niall yelled. We all laughed.

"Mine is journalism, sorry, but I don't have my notebook right now." Siad Aryia. She looked a bit disappointed. 

"Well, I really don't know." I said. "Im kinda good at singing." I said.

"Show us!" Aryia chirped.

"Fine. Im singing one thing. It's my fav song! 

Ive tried playing it cool,

But when im looking at you,

I cant ever be brave,

Cuz you've got that one thimg!" I samg. The car exploded with applause. I blushed.

"I think we got us a singer." Niall said. I smiled, happy that I've been discovered. 

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