Best friends wont always be just friends.


4. what just happened

Later that night we went to my house. My parents werent home yet so it was just me, him and my sister. She was sleeping though so me and Colton went up to my room.

Colton: Sooo. Fiance. What do you wanna do?

Olivia: Hm. Well babe ill give you a hint.

I leaned in and we started making out. Then i started taking off his shirt. He pulled away.

Olivia: Wh- um whats um wrong?

Colton: I just wanna make sure youre ready and wont regret it.

Olivia: babe, i want to. Im ready.

Colton: Okay.

He takes off his shirt and we start kissing. An hour later we get re dressed.

Olivia: Well. That was good.

Colton: Yeah. One more step in our relationship. Uh, babe im gonna go home and ill come over tomorrow, okay?

Olivia: Oh, um okay. I love you.

Colton: Love you too baby.

He kisses me and then leaves

Julie ( Olivias Sister ): So your engaged?

Olivia: I thought you were sleeping.. what did you hear?

Julie: The bed, rocking. Dont worry though, i wont tell mom and dad. But did you even use protection?

Olivia: Um, no. i didnt think it was necessary.

Julie: OLIVIA! Are you stupid? What if you get pregnant? I knowww, youre engaged but mom and dad would FREAK.

Olivia: Julie, i know, I KNOW. And i think Colton is afraid too, okay?

Julie: Olivia, just ive been there remember? 14 and pregnant. And i know your 18 and im 16 but still. I worry.

Olivia: I know, let me go call Colton.

Colton: Mm hello?

Olivia: Babe, did i just wake you up?

Colton: Yeah... But its ok. Whatcha need?

Olivia: Im scared.. What if im pregnant? I dont wanna be in that position.

Colton: Baby, if you are, thats okay. Ill still love you and support you. Were ENGAGED, its normal for engaged people to get pregnant.

Olivia: I know but im only 18!

Colton: i know. Babe everything will be okay. Get some sleep and ill see you tomorrow okay?

Olivia: Okay, Goodnight Colton, i love you so so so much.

Colton: I love you too baby.



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