Best friends wont always be just friends.


3. maybe this was wrong

In the morning i heard someone come into my room, but i ignored it. Then all of a sudden i felt someone come on the bed and get on top of me. I totally forgot i was at Coltons so i thought it was my sister, but still i didnt say anything. Then i realized it was Colton and then he kissed me.

Olivia: Mmm. Morning Babe.

Colton: Good Morning baby. Guess what?

Olivia: What?

Colton: I got something planned for us today.

Olivia: Ooooooo .

I sat up and smiled

Olivia: What is it?

Colton: Umm. Cant say.

Olivia: Please babeeee.

Colton: Nope. Its a surprise.

Olivia: Fine

I got up and crossed my arms and looked out the window. He came up behind me and put his arms around my waist. In the middle of his sentence he would kiss me on the neck. 

Colton: Babe. Please. Dont. Be. Mad.

I laughed

Olivia: Babe im not mad. Could you at least tell me when were leaving?

Colton: In 2 hours. So go take a shower and ill get in after

Olivia: Orrr, we could take one together.. I mean we have before

Colton: Hmm okay. Ill meet you in there

We just put bathing suits on. He got in before me so when i got in he just grabbed me and started kissing me. 

Olivia: Babe, this is suppose to be a shower not a make out session.

Colton: Fine then ill get out i already took my shower.

Olivia: Do what you want.

Colton: Okay. See you after

 All i did was laugh and he got out. 5 minutes later i got out. I put my make up on.


Colton: Olivia, Im RIGHT here.

Olivia: Ohh haha. Okay.

Colton: Im sorry for earlier.

I didn't say anything. I just kissed him.

Colton: Babe. What was that for?

Olivia: For being the best boyfriend in the world. I love you.

Colton: Aw babe. I love you too.

We kissed for a long time but then he pulled away

Olivia: You never pull away..

Colton: Sorry babe. But I just noticed, its time to go.

Olivia: Oh okay..


Colton: Oh.. I wonder who that is. Can you get it for me?

Olivia: umm.. Okay.

I walk towards the door and open it there was a big card that said

Olivia:" ..... Follow the rose petals to find your ride."

I smile at Colton and start to follow them

Olivia: Oh my..

It was a horse and carriage, it had card on the seat. But before I opened it Colton came over and picked me up and put me in.

Olivia: Wow. Your so sweet!

The card said.

Olivia:"... Now during this ride don't ask any questions, just watch."

Colton: Come here.

He pulled me towards him and I put my head on his shoulder

Colton: Okay, were here,

I didn't know where we were or what the big sign i was looking at said. Until the lights turned on, it said...

"Olivia, when i first met you, i thought you were my dream girl. But then we started getting closer like best friends and i thought that's all you wanted to be. But since the 1st day of 6th grade, i realized that i really did love you and i wanted to be more. When highschool came around, i fell in love with you, but i thought you wanted to be friends so i went out with you know who. But since this is 12th grade, our last year of school, i wanted to be so much more and i happened. i know we haven't been dating for a long time, but i feel like we have been, ive been in love with you for 10 years in counting and more to come i really hope. I already spoke to your family and they said it was fine if i were to ask,"

Colton grabbed a small box out of his pocket and got down on one knee and said..

Colton: Olivia, I love you so much. Your my best friend, girlfriend, princess, world, everything and i don't know what id do without you. Olivia, will you do the great honor and be my gorgeous wife?

He opened the box. I was crying and smiling at the same time

Olivia: Yes Colton, ill marry you.

He put the ring on my finger, picked me up and kissed me like never before.

Colton: I love you soo much.

Olivia: I love you too Colton.





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