Best friends wont always be just friends.


2. every relationship has its ups and downs

It was 12 am and the movie credits were going

Olivia: Oh my gosh. Colton wake up!

Olivia kept knocking Colton

Olivia: Colton. WAKE UP!

She shook him

Colton: Wha.... whats up? 

Olivia: We over slept. My parents are gonna freak!

Colton: Why? Dont they know youre here?

Olivia: Um, i left before they came home.

Colton: Oliviaaaaaa. Oh my goshhh. 

Olivia: Sorry. Let me just text them 

Olivia looks at her phone

22 unread texts messages

Dad: Olivia. Where are you? 

Mom: Olivia. Come home now!

Mom: Where are you? 

Dad: Come home.

Julie;sister: Olivia. Mom and dad are freaked. Where are YOU?

Dad: OLIVIA. Answer your phone right NOW!

And so on.

Olivia: I have 22 messages from my family. Im in trouble. 

Colton: Why dont you call them?

Olivia: Okay. Be right back.

Olivia went outside and called them

Olivia: Mom. Let me explain.

Mom(Stephny): Where are you?

Olivia: At Coltons.

Mom: Ohh. Are you having a sleepover? 

Olivia: Um yeah sure. We were watching a movie and fell asleep. Im so sorry. I left i note. Didnt you see it? 

Mom: No. But its okay. As long as youve been there were not mad. See you tomorrow then. Will you be back for Sunday dinner? 

Olivia: Its at our house this weekend?

Mom: Yes hunny. Tell Colton.

Olivia: Okay mom. See you tomorrow bye. I love you.

Mom: Okay. Love you too. 

Olivia came back inside

Olivia: Looks like im spending the night!

Colton: Sounds good to me. 

*Ding Dong*

Olivia: You expecting someone? 

Colton: Not that i know of. 

He goes to the door

Colton: Um. Brianna. What are you doing here? 

Brianna: I didnt see you today babe. I missed you. 


Olivia: Okay. 

Brianna: Cousin? Way to cover. Now why is she here? 

Colton: Babe. You know we're best friends.

Brianna : I know. But still. 

Colton: Im sorry. 

Olivia opens the door to tell Colton something

Olivia: Oh.. Sorry to interrupt your conversation with your "cousin" But you mom needs you for a second. 

Colton: Okay. Brianna. Dont come here again. Me and olivia.. were more than best friends.. were um a um boyfriend and girlfriend. And i love her. So yeah 

Olivia: Aw...

Brianna: Lol, okay Colton. Thats why ive been with your best friend. 

Olivia: Oh really you wanna go that way? 

 Olivia goes to punch Brianna but then Colton grabs her fist

Brianna: Okay. Bye 

Olivia and Colton go back inside

Colton: Babe. Lets just go to bed. 

Olivia: Okay. Ill go to my room.

Colton: Okay. Night babe. I love you so much. Dont forget it. 

Olivia: Okay. Goodnight. I love you too. 

They kiss and both go to their rooms



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