Lauren Tomlinson, a shy girl in secondary school, changes into a outgoing girl in University.


1. Changing

So, my teen years weren't the best. And that is putting it extremely lightly.

At the age of twelve I began my awkward looking phase. I know everyone goes through this, but mine seemed to last longer than my peers.

While my classmates were growing into their looks and looking better each year, I would remain the same ugly duckling. I had dull brown hair, crooked teeth, I was slight too thin, and a bit short. The only thing I liked about myself were my eyes. They were bright green like my mothers, and I'm thankful for that.

I was tormented for my looks a little bit by being called, "Lauren the Loser". But most of it was because everyone thought I was weird, I didn't have any friends, I kept to myself, and my head was always buried in some book.

The day I graduated was easier said than done. All my classmates sat with their friends, and I was lucky enough to find an empty seat near the back.

The worst part was walking to get my diploma. Everyone else received cheers and screams of happiness, while when I walked up the only sound was from my family and someone sneezing. I had certainly received the lowest amount of praise.

At the celebratory dinner, I saw a couple of my classmates eating with their friends. Probably going to some fun party afterward, one that I wasn't invited to. Not that I didn't expect it or anything.

Why wasn't I good enough to fit in a clique? I wouldn't have cared if it was a clique where I had to dye my hair black and pierce my lip. At least I would have someone and I would belong there.

What I wanted more than anything else was to fit in. Since, I kept to myself, my only friends are my mum, dad, and my brother Louis.

Later that night, I decided I was going to change. No more, "Lauren the Loser" or getting strange looks from kids. When I went to my University, I was going to change.

And that's exactly what I did. I cut my hair to my shoulders and dyed it red. My parents brought me to a orthodontist and I got my teeth straightened. At the mall, I bought a while new wardrobe.

But the biggest thing I did was open up to everyone.

I'm studying music and of course, I dream of having fans scream my name. And I don't mean screaming, "Lauren the Loser", I mean screaming my real name.

Lauren Tomlinson.

The reality was that I was too closed to up for this to happen in secondary school.

Not anymore. My plan was to be outgoing in Uni. I would be confident and show my talents. I would show people the real me. I kept trying to convince myself that I was actually going to go through with this plan.

I'm going to be the person I've always wanted to be. As soon as I step into my dorm room, everything will change.

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