I've Always Loved You!

This is my first story, so please comment if I need some help!
Hello, I'm Alyssa. Niall and I used to be best friends. Yes. Niall Horan from One Direction. He left for X-Factor and that's when everything changed. (Mild language)


3. What Do You Want Now?

I eventually found out who this stalker was. As I pulled up to my flat the other car did as well. I didn't get out because I- well I don't know. Of corse should've known. It was the one and only Niall Horan. (Note the sarcasm) with that I got out ignored him the best I could walked into my flat and locked the door. He should come to my door in 3...2..1. ***ding dong*** I ignored the doorbell and got a tub of ice-cream for some unknown reason. Then called my best friend. Julia. ***ring**

(A=Alyssa; J=Julia)

J heloooooo

A hi

J u don't sound as cheerful as usual what's wrong?

A can u come over? I'll explain when u get here. And bring a bunch of food.

J of corse. Only u say that! I'll be over in 10.

And with that we hung up. I can't believe he's acting like he hasn't done anything wrong. It's just pathetic. I graduated hight school early bc I took extra classes. My mum words at a record label so that's why I own my own flat. I heard the door swing open. And then footsteps and then.... Julia.......... And someone that was last on the list of people I wanted to see right now. "Hey Alyssa! You do know that he" she said gesturing towards Niall, "was outside on your door step?" I didn't want Niall to think I was weak so I stood up and said "Yes I did. I don't want him here right now. He's caused enough drama." And with that Julia kinda guessed what happened. Niall left. Julia and I sat down on the couch. "Spill" was all she said. I told her everything. She already knew about my past. She embraced me into a large hug. It's good to have a friend like her around.

*****Julia's POV*****

I can't believe that dick was trying to come back and act like nothing ever happened. I had to text my boyfriend, Evan, that Niall showed up and Alyssa needed me. Yes Evan knows too. But we're her best friends. We ate like 3 tubs of ice-cream each. If u wanna know why she was so upset then I'll tell u. She has/had a really big crush on him. I mean like she's in love. She found out that Niall was going on dates with a big and top notch slut. Barbara Palvin: Victoria Secret model. The word model disgust me. When I think of model I think of someone who who is caked in make-up, has a perfect tones body, and lastly dresses like a slut. I noticed Alyssa was asleep so I left a note telling her I was going back to my flat.

Dear Alyssa,

I went home bc I noticed u were asleep! Call me when u wake up and we can go somewhere. Sweet dreams!


*****Alyssa POV******

(2 hours later)

I woke up and noticed Julia was gone but then I realized there was a note on my forehead.

Dear Alyssa,

I went home bc u were asleep. Call me when u wake up and we can go somewhere. Sweet dreams!


Ok I guess I should call her.

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