I've Always Loved You!

This is my first story, so please comment if I need some help!
Hello, I'm Alyssa. Niall and I used to be best friends. Yes. Niall Horan from One Direction. He left for X-Factor and that's when everything changed. (Mild language)


6. There

Alyssa's POV

"There" is a place Niall and I used to always meet up at as kids. It's a huge tree. And when we were 15 Niall's dad, Bobby, and Niall's brother, Greg, helped us build a treehouse. The best part is we actually have locks on the windows and door! We actually painted it as well! There's four walls but the place is quite large. One of the big walls is a baby blue aka Niall's wall. My wall is white with a giant 4-leaf clover. I had already texted Niall back so I decided I capfuls use a workout, so I walked. It was only about 2 blocks from my flat so I could get there soon. -skip walk cause I'm lazy- Niall and I arrived around the same time. Yes, he walked. He also brought FOOD! Oh and btw we have a food storage at our tree house. I kinda ate all of it when Niall left.... Anyways off my large appetite. He saw me, I saw him. He put the food down bc... Well I don't know. And next thing I knew my legs had carried me over towards him. I hugged him tight and said "I'm sorry. And u don't know how much I've missed you." I guess my heart overtook my mind. I buried my head in his chest. Man, I know I sound crazy but I've missed everything about him. He kissed my forehead and said "it's alright. I should be the one apologizing. And Alyssa, I've missed you too." I didn't say anything. I just look in his eyes. Anyone can get lost in his ocean like eyes. As I was daydreaming I noticed he was leaning in. HOLD THE FUCK UP. BEEP BEEP BACK THAT MOTHER F'IN TRUCK BACK. I pulled away and said, "let's go see what shape this tree house is in! I said full of excitement trying to lose the awkward tension. Yes, I Alyssa O'Brien just denied a kiss from Niall Horan. And I'm practically in love with him! Uughhhhh! I ruin every chance I get!

Niall's POV

I don't exactly know what happened. She just kinda let it all out. We looked into each others' eyes and I was leaning in. Don't ruin your chance Horan. I told myself. She pulled away. :( she said we should go see what shape the tree house was in. We got up into the tree. And into there. I noticed all the food was gone but everything else was the same. Just as we left it. When we were 16. "Ummm Alyssa where is all the food? We had like 3 maybe 4 shelves of food when I left!" I joked. "Well uhh when you left, I couldn't just let all of the food rot ya know. Someone had to eat it!" She exclaimed proud of her success if eating all of that food. I restocked the shelves and she sat in the little couch thingy. "Ahhhh just like old times." Alyssa said. "Not yet..." I said. She knew what was coming. I always used to tickle her until she threatened to pee on me. She took off to the other said if the room. I caught her and through her over my shoulder. "Caught you" I whispered. "Nooooo someone help he's gonna tickle me!" Alyssa shouted. Just so you know, this tree house is out back of my mums house. She heard opened the window and shouted "Alyssa it's good to have ya back! Sorry can't help ya! I love you both!" Then she shut the window. "Love you too Maura! And gee thanks!" Alyssa shouted. I placed her on the couch thingy and tickled her. My knees were on both sides of her body. She's ticklish on the sides of her stomach. She was laughing like crazy. These always ended in a cruel way. She turned us over to where she was on top. Here it goes.... She tickled me till my face was SUPER red. How do I know this? There's a mirror on the wall. This time SHE was leaning in. And I was too. Did I mention, that we shared our fist kiss here?

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