I've Always Loved You!

This is my first story, so please comment if I need some help!
Hello, I'm Alyssa. Niall and I used to be best friends. Yes. Niall Horan from One Direction. He left for X-Factor and that's when everything changed. (Mild language)


4. The Mall We Shall Go!

I decided to call Julia. (A-Alyssa J-Julia)

J: hello?

A: hey I just woke up

J: yeah I can tell where do ya wanna go?

A: uhhhhhh I got it!

J: where then?

A: the mall!

J: that's what I was gonna say. I'll be over in 20.


-skip 20 mins bc I'm lazy-

**ding-dong** perfect timing I was slipping on my Supras when she got here. "Come in!" Julia came inside and I grabbed my phone, purse, and my black card for Nandos. Niall got it for me a while back. We walked out to the car and guess what! You're never gonna believe what song came on! To my surprise it was Midnight Memories. (A/n have u seen the mv? It's awesome!) Julia instantly changed the station. Oh! I forgot to tell you I'm wearing skinny jeans a green v-neck and my Supras. I practically dragged Julia into Hollister. What? it's one of my favorite stores! We went in I saw this gorgeous dress and dashed to it.

Juju's POV

As soon as we walked in she saw a sick dress! It was really pretty and it would match her long red/brown curly hair. Alyssa's hair wasn't like most redheads. It was just so pretty! She'd picked up about... Idk... 10 items to try on? Next thing I knew she was in a dressing room and out came someone I did NOT wanna see. It was the one and only Niall Horan. I darted towards a rack hoping he wouldn't see me. I don't really wanna tell Alyssa he's here otherwise it might ruin her shopping spree! Luckily he didn't see me. Alyssa came out of the dressing rooms in the dress she'd picked out and may I say it looked amaZAYN! (Sorry I just had to!) "it looks great Alyssa! I'm starving can we go eat?" I hoped. I only said this for the hope we wouldn't see Mr. Pretty Boy over there.

Alyssa's POV

I really loved the dress. It was a short floral dress that would go with brown sandals. I won't be wearing the dress here in Ireland, way too cold for that! I'm going to America... To visit my dad. He lives in Miami owning a very popular beach club. The one thing that sucks is that my parents are divorced and they live in America. My mum lives in California and my Dad lives in Florida. Crazy right? My mum works at a record label and my dad owns a famous beach club. That's the ONLY reason I own my own flat in Ireland. Before I knew it Julia had dragged me towards Nandos. Mmmmmmm I could smell it from here! We got seated and I knew the waitress, she's my other good friend, Abigail. "Hey Alyssa! Hey Julia!" Abigail exclaimed. It's been a while since I've talked to Abby. (Her nickname) "Alrighty dorks, whatcha want to eat?" Abby asked playfully.

Niall's POV

I was kinda bummed out Alyssa wouldn't except my apology. I guess I wouldn't forgive myself either. I mean I just lost my best friend and did I mention, possibly love of my life?!? I have loved Alyssa for as long as I can remember! To get my mind of things I went to the mall cause I needed some new vans and jeans. I could've sworn I saw Alyssa's friend in Hollister but I guess not. I was starving before I could even buy some vans so I went to Nandos! Mmmmm. I saw Abigail, yes I know Abby. She used to talk to me. But not anymore... She was a waitress here? When'd this happen? Sheesh I really have missed a lot. She was talking to... Uhhhh... I can't see their faces. Time to "go to the loo" gosh dammit! That's Alyssa and her friend Julia. I tapped on Abby's shoulder and pulled her aside. "Look Abigail, it's me Niall. I need Alyssa's number please I lost it!" Thank the heavens it worked bc she have it to me. I left no longer hungry and made my way to buy some vans!

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