The Never Ending Cycle

Mary Anne Taylor - the ghost that haunts my room. And my heart. Tonight is the same as every other night that has gone by and will come to pass in our never ending cycle. I am not proud of tricking her into thinking I am her long lost husband but I will not stop. I love her. And she loves me... or at least, she thinks she does.


2. The Farewell

When our silent dance ended I sat back down on the edge of the cold, crumpled bed next to her and drew her closer, feeling her cold skin against my warm, living body. The cuddle brought a familiar and warm, deep calm to cast over me in the cool night air. I wish I could join her in eternity. Break her out of her immortal cycle and take her to heaven myself. There are problems though. I am not Alex. I am not her husband. If I broke her out of her illusion she would see the real me - no one special pretending to be her man. She'd hate me. Secondly, I don't want to die. Who knows what's on the other side? Would I have the power to save her? No, best to just continue my life and see her every night. Even if it's just for a little while every early morning, it's what I live for. Making her eternity a happy one. Even when I'm an old man she will love me as she does now and I find that rather nice. She's my world even though she's no longer a living part of the outside world.  


 "What's wrong, Dear? You look so sad..."
Snapping out of my thoughts I look into her concerned eyes. A sadness washes over me, the sadness I get when she is not happy. When that ghostly smile disappears from the world, so does all the light. It leaves a hole in me. An emptiness. 
 "Oh nothing's wrong! Just thinking, Sweetie," I laugh, "What pizza do you want?" 
Her face brightened instantly. She loves food and that's one of the things I love about her. 
 "Ooooh! Can we get one with pepperoni? And sausage, bacon, tomatoes, chicken, olives and cheese?!"
Her excitement made me giggle, the look in her eyes made me fall a little bit more in love with her then. 
 "Of course, Dear. An extra large one." I reply affectionately. 
She squealed and wrapped her arms around me in a tight embrace. For a petite girl she certainly has an enormous appetite, another cute trait that I adore endlessly. Still hugging me she looked up into my eyes, as she does every night. 
 "Time for me to go, Lover." 
I hate those words. Who knew that with a sequence of 26 letters I could be made the happiest person in the world, but then with another sequence of the same 26 letters  I could be crushed. 
 "Do you have to leave, Dear?" 
I ask, yearning for her to stay. To stay more than a little while every night. To stay with me. I know it can never be so and that kills me. This night, like every night, I will have to say goodbye. Her last goodbye? 
 "Yes, my Love, I told Sarah that I'd meet her in about five minutes! I'll see you tonight." she smiles as she leans in to kiss me. My lips connected with hers, loving and cold.


I get back under the covers and lie down facing away from her, my happiness fading away into the night. I don't want to see her fade away out of sight. 
 "Goodbye, Sweetie. I love you." I hear her call for the three-hundredth and something time. closing my eyes I can only bring myself to whisper one thing. The same thing  I always say. The tragic truth. 
 "I love you too."         

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