Caught in a gust

It's just a short story for times when you are bored


1. Chapter 1

We were by the pool playing as life-guards, one of us would act like we were drowning and the other would save the victim. The smell of chlorine and sweat was strong but left unnoticed. We were having a great time. We got tired and decided it was enough pool time. We got out of the pool and dried ourselves with our towels.

We were across the pool, facing the fence that separated Miguel's house from his neighbour's house.

"Look, Across the pool!" said Miguel.

I looked at him. He looked scared. Then I looked across the pool. A man in a black suit, standing over the fence, his head bent. He wasn't moving. We didn't dare to look anymore. We rushed to the house and ran to Miguel's room.

"What the hell was that?" said Cosmin.

"Wish I knew" said Miguel.

Miguel was out of breath, Cosmin was freaking out and I was trying to keep myself calm.

"Don't panic, maybe its... Nothing" I said as calm as I could. "Let's go and check again, cause you know, we might have gotten confused with someone or something.

We got out of Miguel's room and started getting out of the house. When we got to the door, we heard a wrenching sound and stopped. We went to the window to check what it was.

"Don't worry, just my dogs" said Miguel.

"Oh" Cosmin and I said in unison.

We opened the door and got out.

"Wait!" I said.

"What?" Asked Cosmin.

And I said "How did the dogs get out?"

We ran to the dog cages and the locks weren't there. We ran back to the pool. The man was still there but this time he was pointing in the direction of the dog cages and... He was holding the locks.

"Shit" We said in unison.

We ran back to the house but the doors were locked.

"What's going on?" Asked Cosmin "Was that a ghost?"

"Who knows, maybe that was the ghost of the previous owner of the neighbour's house." I said.

"When I moved here, there were stories of a man that died and he was buried under my house. I think he's haunting us because of the life-guard game." said Miguel.

"How does that concern him?" I said .

"Fred... He was playing the same game with his friends but his friends failed to save him."

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Cosmin.

"We have no time to argue. We can walk to my dad's workplace." said Cosmin "It's close."

We headed for the gate. The gate was locked. We tried to break the lock but it didn't work. The sun started to set.

"So how's it going?" said Miguel's dad.

We jumped and turned around. We were scared.

"There's a man at the fence across the pool!" said Miguel.

Miguel's dad walked to the pool and looked at the man. He took a step back, he wore a scared expression. He shook it off and walked towards the man. We closed our eyes. Miguel's dad started laughing. I felt myself ease a little. The laughing stopped. I opened my eyes. He wasn't there.

"Guys? Where did he go?" I said.

"He's standing by the fence." said Comsin.

"Where?" I asked.

"By the dog cages."


Miguel's dad waved towards the man.

"You kids have a broad imagination. This thing you are so scared of, are pieces of plastic stuck to the neighbours vine." said Miguel's dad.

"How did it get here?"I asked.

"The wind" said Miguel's dad.

"But that doesn't explain how the dogs were out and the locks we saw." said Miguel.

"Aluminium foil and I let the dogs out. " said Miguel's dad.

"You've got to be kidding me." said Cosmin.

"Let's just go and change, we've had a lot of mystery for one day." said Miguel.

When we were across the pool, I felt a cold gust pass through. When I looked back. The man was gone.

"Guys the man is gone." I said.

Cosmin and Miguel looked back. Their faces scared.

"Let's just go" said Miguel.

When we turned around. 

The man was in front of us. The last thing I saw was blood on the floor.

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