The True Duty of Royalty


3. Chapter 2: Don't panic

I  heard gunshots and rushed out of the Dancing Rose. I hope every one is okay. I started running to the emergency room which was way underground, meaning that I had lots of stairs to go through. On my way there I saw Derek and... "MELISSA!" I shouted and ran towards her. I knelt beside her. Her neck was bleeding. "What are you doing here? Take her to the Hospital!" I told Derek. He seemed absent. His face was wet.

"She's dead." He said in a low, sad voice.

"She has a pulse you idiot." I said and I meant what I said about him being an idiot. I took Melissa's arm and put it around my neck. I started carrying her to the infirmary but she was still being half dragged. "A little help." I said to Derek. He stood up and put Maelissa's arm around his neck and we started carrying Melissa to the infirmary. The choppers moved away from the Royal Park and seemed to be heading towards Mrs.Dominika's office. We walked through the large hallways and finally reached the infirmary and we put Melissa's body on a gurney. The infirmary was empty.

"What are we supposed to do, she's going to die." said Derek, he was panicking.

"Have you been skipping your first-aid lessons" I told him. I didn't know where things stayed in the infirmary so I just grabbed some cotton wads and placed them on Melissa's neck and placed a bandage around her neck.

"We must take her to the emergency room and we must be fast." I said to Derek. The emergency room is about one mile from here.

"No need there's an emergency vault here." said Derek. He pointed to the visiting room. We entered the large visiting room. It was full of plastic tables and chairs.

"Where is it?" I asked. He walked to a table at the corner of the room. He put his hand under the table and a keypad popped out of the wall beside the door. I placed Melissa on top of a table. I am a girl but I do have strength. Derek walked to the keypad and punched in a code. Suddenly the walls started being covered by metal walls as if we were being locked down. After the whole room was sealed, the room started to descend like an elevator.

"How did you know about this place?" I asked.

"I might be an idiot but I'm still a field agent." He said with a brief laugh. The room came to a stop and the metal walls started to go back to their original position. We carried Melissa and got out of the room. Surprisingly we were at the emergency room. It was my first time here because this is the first time we've had an emergency and during the drills we never really entered the real emergency room. It was large. A few nurses saw us and came rushing to take Melissa. Derek was still crying. Ricky came running and he hugged me.

"You're fine. Oh thank God." He said. He tried to kiss me but I pulled away before are lips touched. "What's wrong babe?" 

"We can't kiss in public." I said shyly.

"I don't care about rules at this moment." He pulled me close to him. My cheeks were pink. He kissed me, slowly as if savouring the taste of my lips. Every one was looking at us.

"No kissing!" said Mrs.Dominika through a megaphone. We drew apart and mouthed sorry to her. "As you may all know we've been attacked by an unknown group of terrorists. We have no knowledge of their current location. We are trying to contact the main kingdoms for back-up. Fortunately there are only a few people injured. I think every student is here. Any way do not panic, there were just some problems with the security but you should all congratulate yourselves for reaching down here without any assistance from teachers." Mrs.Dominika seemed to fade into the darkness.

*                                                           *                                                          *

Mrs.Dominika walked elegantly yo a room in a hallway away from the crowd of students. In that room a meeting was going to be held concerning the recent event. Ms.Roselle, Mr.Heward and 3 people that Mrs.Dominika didn't know, one man and two women. Ms.Roselle was there because besides being the accounting teacher, she was also the commander of the internal security department. Mr.Heward is the 'tactics' teacher and the commander of the external security department. The others were chosen by the kings and queens themselves to help make emergency decisions.

"Good Afternoon, My name is Dr.Sean and the two ladies here are Ms.Rhodes and Mrs.Shant. We are here to help identify and eliminate this unknown threat." said Dr.Sean

"Thank you... Dr.Sean. It's a pleasure to have your assistance." said Ms.Roselle.

"We would like to know how did the threat manage to breach security." said Ms.Rhodes in a demanding tone.

Ms.Roselle and Mr.Heward started talking at the same time and none of them were stopping to give the other an opportunity to talk.

"One at a time please!" demanded Mrs.Dominika "We would like to hear the external department first" Mrs.Dominika's russian accent was strong. "We would like to hear from the external security first." Mrs.Dominka gave a brief smile at Ms.Roselle and Mr.Heward.

"Okay, I was making my routine checks on all the sensors. The motion and heat sensors showed no sign of activity so I was gazing at the view from the security tower and that is when I saw a ripple in the air and wondered what it might be so I checked using my binoculars and the ripples were continuous, they didn't stop and I realized that there was something using camouflage technology but it was too late by the time I realized it. They cut off the communication lines and they had disabled all of the defense mechanism flawlessly, almost as if they had... learnt it here." said Mr.Heward, disappointment filled his eyes. Everyone was shocked to hear what Mr.Heward had said except Ms.Roselle, almost as if she expected these words.

"Internal security?" said Mrs.Shant.

"The security cameras saw the threat approach but as Mr.Heward said, the defense mechanisms had been disabled but I was able to send out an emergency signal. Everything was disabled internally and since the students don't have uniforms the threat could've been dressed as anyone. I fear that there are traitors among the students... or the students ar traitors." said Ms.Roselle. Everyone was shocked.

"How is this possible? You are trying to trick us right?" said Mrs.Rhodes.

"Mrs.Rhodes, we are serious people, we do not  have time for trickery." said Ms.Roselle.

"So, what do you think should be done?" asked Mr.Heward.

"This is a big decisions, I think we should contact the Kings." said Ms.Rhodes.

"We don't have time to arrange a summit, it will take too long. This is not that big of a problem, we can deal with it." said Mrs.Dominika.

"It's a big problem. The impenetrable fortress ''The Royal Academy' has been succesfully attacked after 50 years! How is that not a problem?" exclaimed Dr.Sean.

"It seems that the kings have chosen the wrong people to represent them. We will deal with this problem ourselves. This meeting is-" said Mrs.Dominka before she was cut-off.

"This is not something you can deal with." said Mrs.Shana.

"Our school our problem." said Mrs.Dominka as she walked out of the room, Mr.Heward and Ms.Roselle followed.

*                                                              *                                                      *

"Derek are you ok?" asked Julian.

"I'm fine... I just need to cool down." I said.

"Ok." said Julian.

My head was spinning, I could barely understand what was going on. All I remember is dragging Melissa. How did this happen? Was it my fault? I was the one who got there late and thought of... Celina while we were kissing. I should check how Melissa is. I walked to a room which was being used as an infirmary.

"How is she?" I asked a nurse.

"Who?" said the nurse.

"There is only one patient in this room, who do you think it is!" I exclaimed.

"Calm down, we're all having a rough day here." said Celina. She rubbed my shoulder -her gentle hand on my shoulder was ever so comforting, How I wish I could just take her away and...- "She's going to be fine."

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"The nurse told me her condition is stable." said Celina with a wink. That made me ease... alot. 

Hours had passed, it was probably 7 p.m. by now.

"You may all go back to your dorms, everything is under control now." said Mrs.Dominika through a megaphone. Everybody sighed in relief. I headed to my room and I saw Ricky and Celina kissing as they went their separate ways. Jealousy spread through my body. It would be really great if Ricky was a special student and I wouldn't have to see him everyday but no, he had to be my roommate. How lucky of me. I entered my room and jumped to my bed and Ricky entered shortly after that. 

"So, how are you feeling?" asked Ricky.

"I'm fine. Melissa's also fine just so you now."

"I'm sorry about what happened."

"Let's just forget about this and get to sleep."

"How can you forget about something like this, she's your girlfriend"

"Nothing will happen if I stay up all night crying and wishing that she had never gone to the park!"

"At least show that you care." He said. I took out my BB gun from the night stand beside me and pointed it at my head. It was a plastic version of a Glock 18 and he probably though it was real. "Is this enough to show that I care?" I exclaimed.

"Buddy calm down."

"That's what I'm trying to do but you keep on disturbing me!" I pulled the trigger and a small plastic bullet bounced off my head.

"It was fake." He said, letting out a breath of relief.

"Now, can you leave me to myself."

"Okay" He said and faced his side of the wall. I gave a cough. "Oh, you mean I have to leave. Oh,  sorry. I'll be at Edward's."

"Thank you." I said. He left. The room was dark. Tears started falling off my face and the memories of the attack came rushing in to my head. I hope she's okay.  

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