The True Duty of Royalty


2. Chapter 1: The Duties of Royalty

"In 2040 there were no presidents because they cowered from their duties so the monarchy took over once again. Each kingdom has its own king and its queen. The king and queen had princes or princesses. The children of royalty are to take training so that they can take over as king and queen and rule the kingdom, this is what the people see and think." said the Headmistress of the royal academy, Mrs.Dominika "The true purpose of us royals is to protect our people from evil doers that threaten world peace. Now without any further delay let us call upon our best student, Celina Querina to recite the academy's motto and a few rules."

Celina Querina is one of the princess of a kingdom called 'Aska'. It's one of the most powerful kingdoms of our time. Celina is beautiful,her long sandy brown hair makes me drool ,her blue-grey eyes are so compelling and her body is just so... She makes me want to kidnap her. If only I had the courage to tell her how I feel but instead I act like a jerk when she's present. Even if I had the courage she already has a boyfriend.

Celina climbed up the stage, her white dress brushing her gentle skin. We were in a large lounge where assemblies were held. The room had a high ceiling with high windows. The room was white and the curtains were red. The stage was at the middle of the room.

"Quin si, ut testimonium perhibeam veritati videtur, quod esset futurum centena millia, et decies sumus sicut aliorum, qui sunt verum videre ... tantum moratus, ut nos etiam nobis, quis praedicare. Regnum Dei intra vos est." said Celine in her charming voice.

The motto was in Latin, it meant 'If we would only testify to the truth as we see it, it would turn out that there are hundreds, thousands, even millions of other people just as we are, who see the truth as we do...and are only waiting, again as we are, for someone to proclaim it. The Kingdom of God is within you. '

"Royals should never reveal their true purpose to anyone but a royal. Complete your missions with minimum casualties. The most important rule always remain undercover. Thank you" As Celina said the rules with her pure angelic voice , every Princess turned at the princes with curt looks because we break most of those rules.

Celine descended from the stairs at the side of the stage and walked back to the princesses' group. 

"May you all have a great school year. You may go to your classes." said Mrs.Dominika.

The Royal Academy is a school for royals. It was built in ancient times by the 'First Family'.No one  knows who they really are.The academy was built to train royals in doing normal things in life from cooking to mowing their lawn and it also trains royals what is done once they are the rulers of their kingdom and they are trained in espionage. The academy trained various leaders long ago such as Princess Diana, she made it to the books.

There are two groups of students in the academy. The princes are the all the male students and the princesses which are the females and they are currently the best students because of that they get the best missions and they decide the academy's events. Their best field student is the beautiful Celina Querina and their best tactician is Erythra Sallette. I'm the best field student among the princes and Julian Sabath is the best tactician. I wish we were the best sudents but anyway you can't get everything.

The world has 10 major kingdoms; Aska, Alexandria, Sirenia, Talum, Persia, Qin, Atea, Ptea, Mandela and  hundreds of other minor kingdoms but they are all called Zera. As you may know Celina is from Aska, I'm from Sirenia and Julian's from Alexandria.

My first class is Accounting and I'm the only one who's late.

"Mr.D-" said Ms.Roselle before I interrupted.

"I... was in Mrs.Dominika's office" I said emphasizing every word I said.

"Why?" She asked scrutinizing my face.

"Uhm... I lost my holophone."Just as I finished my sentence my holophone received a holotext and it was from my mom."Sorry."

I gave Ms.Roselle a smile and walked out of class.

I unlocked my large rectangular phone and tapped the screen to open the message. In a flicker of light an image of my mom appeared and it started talking, it said "Have a great shool year and come visit us."

"Ugh, I got kicked out cause of this!" I shouted as I kicked the wall.

"Use proper language in the premises" said a teacher walking past me.

"I apologize" I said.

*                                                        *                                                                    *

Celina's P.O.V.

"When is a debtor declared insolvent?" Ms.Roselle asked the whole class.

Every one was silent.

"Are you serious?" said Ms.Roselle angrily "All those hours I spent last year and the years before were in vain."

I raised my hand shyly.

"Yes Celina."

"A debtor is declared insolvent when his liabilities exceed his assets."

"Thank you."

Time passed fast as Ms.Roselle spoke. Her words getting in from one ear and getting out of the other, how I wish I could be by his side. Ricky... My mind dreams about him everyday. Ricky deserves to be the best among the princes and not... Derek. The first day of school; seeing your friends after a long time; Teachers telling you what you did wrong last year and all the jerks pissing you off. How I missed this place.

The bell rang and the students started rushing out of class and I was still day-dreaming until I realised that the classroom was empty. I got out of my classroom and headed to the Dancing rose. On my way there I bumped into Derek, the so called best field student among princess. What a joke.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to..." said Derek as I looked at his face.

"What happened cat cut your tongue?" I said to him with a curt smile.

"No, it's just that you... Nothing, I'm sorry, have a great day." said Derek.

I sighed and said "How can someone be so weird but cute?".

The Dancing Rose was a garden full of roses of all colours. It is where all the princesses are initiated and are given a tiara, but before this the princess-to-be has to dance with a rose of her choice. I chose the tri-bloom rose. It's a rose that blooms three times and each time it blooms it changes its colour. When it was not being used for ceremonies, I like studying or spending my lunches there. Unfortunately  Ricky can't come to this garden and make me feel warm in his arms. 

I closed my eyes and dazed off in to my head again. I wonder what I'll find.

*                                                                *                                                           *

Derek's P.O.V.

"Can you buy me lunch today, I forgot my card in my room." I asked Julian.

"When will you start remembering things on your own?" He said as he handed me my card.

"How did you get in my room?" I asked him.

"You forgot to lock your room... How's Melissa?" He asked me. 

I jumped in surprise, I had completely forgotten about her. Melissa's my... girlfriend and I need to meet her at the Royal park. It is simply a place where both princes and princesses can hang.

"Sorry, bro. Go to go." I said to Julian.

"I understand. Have a great time and don't forget to wipe off lipstick from your shirt."

"Thanks man"

I ran through the halls. I was almost there. I could already see Melissa's copper red hair. She was at the middle of the large park that is filled with hundreds of flowers.The park was covered by a large glass dome, it was transparent and not so thick. I ran up to her.

"Hey!" she said in a  harsh tone " Where have you been?"

"I was just in the toilet, nothing special." I said "How was your day?"

"It was fine." She said slowly. I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her close to me. The scent of her lotion was sweet. I placed my lips on top of hers and we started kissing. I started thinking about Celina. Shit! I started feeling uncomfortable.

"What's wrong?" Melissa asked me as she drew away.

"Nothing really." I said to her,  trying to kiss her again.

"You don't have to lie."

The bell rang, what a relief.

"The bell rang let's go back to class." I said as I started to walk away.

"That's not the school bell, It's the emergency alarm." 

"Oh. Let's go! We must evacuate!" I said in a panicked voice and started for the door

"I'm not leaving here until you tell me what's wrong" 

I was already by the door. "Melissa we don't have time for this, let's get out!" I said in a rush.

I ran to where she was and as we headed for the door , I heard a chopper, it shot the glass dome and it shattered in to thousands of fragments. A man on the chopper saw us, he took his aim and shot... Everything grew louder in my head and I felt Melissa's body's weight on my hand. Blood from her neck was gushing out like a fountain. I felt my heart fall but I didn't stop running. I was dragging her body on the floor, her blood leaving a trail. My eyes were wet. I was crying and Melissa was...

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